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  1. You say this but most British sitcoms do about 6 episodes and smash it (usually)

  2. I'd imagine, one could just say that "American sitcom writers aren't used to the smaller season writing".

  3. but i dont want 20 minutes of shitty jokes per episode. i want story and stuff and back lore.

  4. now but sitcoms were long before because you need time to get the characters and stuff.

  5. In US usually shredded Monterrey jack or Oaxaca at the Mexican markets.

  6. I live in Mexico, and Monterey Jack isn't a thing here. You can get it at Costco though in giant blocks LOL! Man, shred your own, that shredded stuff is coated with corn starch and other stuff to keep it from sticking together. You'll get creamier melted cheese if you buy it in a chunk and shred it yourself,.

  7. I know. You can find all the cheeses from Mexico here. The only one even i can’t find is fresh moist quesillo like in tlaxcala or Oaxaca.

  8. I had Chocoflan on a whim from a Mexican supermarket chain in my area and I just want to say where have you all been hiding this and I think it’s going to be my wedding cake

  9. Yeah a local chain makes them near me too and I love them. I was never a chocolate cake lover but theirs are so moist and the flan is always perfect. Get a slice every time I stop by or a whole on occasion.

  10. Nope that doesn't look close to a Chile relleno, it looks weird and dry. If you put this in a Mexican house nobody will touch them.

  11. That’s literally a perfect chilly they just didn’t want it wet.

  12. Dman that’s the biggest trompo I’ve seen. I had some huge tortas out there but don’t think the spit was this big

  13. I had a similar issue but they let me keep headphones I planned on returning. Small wins.

  14. I have already ordered a replacement from target this time. Literally my wife and I was like lets just order from target because they have always treated us good. I hope that wasn't a mistake lol

  15. Try Costco for fue it’s. We just returned a 2 year old couch cus the springs were failing fast. We’ve been looking for other couches since one we like is sold out at Costco but knowing once you buy it you’re kinda stuck with it sucks.

  16. Torrenting and illegal downloading in general is about to get even more popular.

  17. ive been streaming from websites for month. the only inconvenience is that shows like dark that are dubbed into english are usually uploaded i the og language to all websites so you just cant find an English stream

  18. I feel like there was a solid 5-year period where every laptop I saw in a movie was a Sony Vaio. Then there was the Windows product placement era. My suspension of disbelief died during Get Out because everyone had Windows phones and someone used Bing for something other than porn.

  19. That’s Sony movies. I kinda liked that they did that and it’s not some random shitty laptop. They’d do it with their phones and stuff too.

  20. See the thing is that as Latinos and Hispanics there are some that have Spanish ancestors and that heritage is what they identify with. For example in my hometown of Laredo there is a large population of people from Mexico and of course there are those born in the US. Depending if they have family in or from Mexico those born in the US do not see themselves as the same people as those next door that are from Mexico. On top of that there has always been hate and racism within our own ethnic group. The whiter you are the more attractive and desirable you and your children are. Darker and native decendant groups are seen as unclean and not pure like Spaniards and those natives like in Mexico are even seen as second class citizens compared to Mexicans..Not to mention the hate between Cubans, DR, and other Latins that just hate each other for some old stereotypes and prejudices. Soo this shit isn't new.

  21. I live in a Texas border town, and there’s not a more anti-immigrant right winger group than 2nd generation Mexican-Americans.

  22. Very true I’ve met them and I’m shocked. Me and my paler brother argue about whose gonna end up with a republican family but I think I’ve tought him better and I know I won’t.

  23. Yeah all this is true. Look at the biggest Mexican stations. Mostly white anchors and actors for all shows. Any typical more Mexican looking person plays a worker or a cartel guy. It’s in their whole thing right now like any other country.

  24. Chorizo is a mix of the two. It is typically composed of bits and pieces that you would otherwise not eat. Chorizo isn't a health food and has never pretended to be :)

  25. Talking confident when you’re wrong, there’s both… they don’t usually mix it…

  26. Buddy of mine picks up tacos for us, and the lengua tacos were more tender than the steak ones

  27. Dude people in food don’t do that shit. Like there’s no point you get back in the pettiest way if you can but you just continue with your day.

  28. They’re assholes but they know exactly what they’re doing and deserve it.

  29. thanks ive tried tuning some old canti levers for mini v's and its annoying if you want to remove a wheel. just gonna buy some new ones.

  30. Needs more sealant and time and it will seal

  31. Is the tire makers rubber not that good or is it just lots of tiny holes somewhere?

  32. Riding on that success before he fell off. Arabs will throw stupid money at any big names to bring attention to their leagues. CR7 should’ve hired gullits agent lol

  33. whats big these days esp over there? no hate but wasnt he playing like in guatemala before this.

  34. Lol yeah I mean Hitachis are a thing and way lighter. These guns feel like mini cement breakers lol.

  35. A jail is just like a concentration camp I am very smart 💀

  36. A jail is a jail but it’s actually ok when my country does it. How much have you even actually looked into Adrian zenz or eastern Turkmenistan?

  37. Xi is genociding Uyghurs

  38. Glad we don’t do business with them or countries that do that shit.

  39. Goddamnit this is a dumb as hell thing to say but it made me laugh. Every once in a while Strickland says something that stops me just shy of outright hating him.

  40. It’s smart hecasue he knows ufcs his best payday. Maybe if he wins a championship then gets some hype but idk he’s almost like a cowboy figure imo.

  41. CNN has been endlessly hyping this for days. It's like they're rooting for riots to boost their ratings.

  42. i mean they got like a new republican head manager guy so probably.

  43. Yup. Had a (62 yr old) boss at a different company when I first started construction that had us show up at the shop in the mornings and he expected everyone to get there early and load the work trucks up so we could leave right when our time started. Argued with him about it and he went on a tangent about how my (millenial) generation didn't know how to do what's best for the company and how we don't wanna work.

  44. Damn that’s good. I had an old school boss but he always ran corporeal chains like sears, Boston markets and something else so yeah he was by the book labor and pretty chill since he had the job to not just be at home but sometimes his numbers would get bad and he couldn’t stand being third lol.

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