1. it usually means the battery is overheated... what happens when you inseet it into the charger? There are colored LED lights on the charger too that give you hints for troubleshooting.

  2. That’s odd. It does it even when I haven’t used to battery for hours. When I insert it into my leaf blower it will power the blower for about a second and then stop and the battery will flash red a couple times. It won’t charge either

  3. My man you’ve been blessed, with that insurance check you’ll be able to buy a brand new M series 🙏🙏

  4. F*ck it just cut it off with zawzaw and buy a new ratchet

  5. It sounds like lifter tick. My 94 1500 5.7 has the same noise and I drive it like that. You can replace the lifters And it will go away

  6. Ah yes, I looked up what that lifter tick is apparently it’s common for these trucks. Wonder if there’s a easy fix without having to open up the engine

  7. You can get exhaust hangers or just make them yourself.

  8. Exhaust hangers! Thank you I looked up every other possible name for this haha

  9. Depends, how mechanically savvy are you? I’d say start with popping off the valve cover and checking springs and retainers, if it’s not that…probably drop it at the mechanics as it will at the least need a valve job, possibly new rings and/or a rehone.

  10. Sorry for the late reply, I’m going to have a look at those springs and retainers you mentioned. I’ll probably perform a cylinder leak down test too

  11. Now do a cylinder leak down test to see where the leak actually is going. Intake, exhaust, crankcase.

  12. Thanks! So I did a cylinder leak down test. I made sure to have the cylinder on dead center. When I released the compressed air a lot was coming out of cylinder 3, I was injecting compressed air into cylinder 6. Does this signal a blown head gasket?

  13. If it’s only leaking on 3 I would say that your head gasket is not the main problem. You won’t have cylinder 6 leaking into cylinder 3 through only the head gasket.

  14. Weird. I tried the test a couple more times. There does seem to be some like air coming from the engine oil filler cap and very faint air intake

  15. Like $400 after taxes for a rough country 2” lift

  16. I don’t, but just look it up on the rough country website and put in your vehicle details to make sure it fits

  17. The easiest thing to do with the codes that don't have a definition is to Google "BMW P1353", and you should be able to find the definition for those two codes pretty easily. Those two codes have reasons/definitions for them, but whatever scan tool you're using just doesn't know what they are.

  18. Thanks! I’ll definitely check that out. Hoping it’s not too hard of a fix

  19. It is not a scam, is just letting you know that the person on the other end can ACTUALLY see when you are online and you can see them and also if they have seen your messages.

  20. Ah ok. Seemed weird as usually when you message someone about their listing it doesn’t show that warning

  21. Contact your local assembly office and senate office. Tell them what’s going on, fill out the release form they send you. And you’ll be taken care of

  22. I ordered some factory cargo hooks from a newer Tacoma and mounted them in my bed floor. They’re sturdy hooks and also swivel.

  23. Nice! I already mounted 4 low point tie downs. I had a look under my truck and there was one thick metal beam going across the center one right at the end of the bed. That’s where I mounted mine, now I don’t have to worry them ripping out since it’s mounted to thick metal. The anchors themselves are rated for 1000LB each

  24. I tell ya, my wife says the same thing. I can’t help but see tan/gold when I look at my truck, especially in the sun. In the pic I linked above, it does look grey, but it was a rainy day.

  25. Ha no way it’s grey!? It always looks gold-ish to me

  26. Naturally by extending the length of the axle you are putting more stress on bearings, axles, etc and will result in reduced towing/carrying capacity, though I can’t tell you the exact amount it’ll be reduced by.

  27. I believe the Bora steel adapters at 1.5” or 2” thick. I don’t want to use aluminum adapters

  28. Yes I agree they’re such a pain in the a**. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s ok if my long term claim gets denied. I can always get another job anyways, my health comes first.

  29. My claim was denied this week because the doctor didn’t fill out the paper work. He said he was not obligated to fill out anything. Crazy.

  30. That’s ridiculous. Find yourself another doctor

  31. That’s what I’m running on mine now with no lift. 15 inch pro comps with Kumho 31x10.5x15. No rubbing or anything, but i do plan on leveling out the front or just replacing the coil springs

  32. Awesome! Have you ever ran into rubbing/scrapping while driving or towing?

  33. Yes. If you establish a valid claim and then separate from your job that has no bearing on your current SDI claim.

  34. Yes I have a valid claim with CA EDD DI, so I’m receiving benefits. My doctors is keeps all the paperwork that’s requested by EDD up to update. I was just concerned about Sedgwick denying claim and that denial having an effect on my DI benefits

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