[OC] I’m a volunteer animal shelter photographer. Black dogs are often the last to be adopted, so I try to make sure that every black dog in the shelter gets a good photograph!

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  1. What would he have gotten outrageously rich from before R&M? He had pretty modest success before that.

  2. Even if Community wasn't necessarily successful in its time, he was still a showrunner on an NBC sitcom that ran for 6 seasons.

  3. In fairness to Krasinski, his performance carries a real energy of being recorded by himself in a tiny green room. Even some of the eye lines don't quite match up.

  4. Okay yeah the eye line thing was really fucking me up, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that.

  5. kinda like a weird summer camp, huh?

  6. My lads are Sir Dosser, The Convict, Chango the Beast, Frailbot, Chankton, Wu, and Cumston.

  7. Pixar really struggled with the marketing of this movie huh?

  8. If they are going for a throwback action movie, the ad campaign could have been so much more dynamic. Why go with with the title 'Lightyear' and then this minimalist, First Man-like poster? Go wild with it, call it 'Lightyear: Hero of Star Command' or some shit. Give us the camp!

  9. Whoever is making the decisions over at Netflix is smoking crack. Between this and the Queens Gambit online chess game, what the fuck are they doing?

  10. I was working at the local Cineplex for the last few years of highschool (2011-2013) so I saw bits and pieces of all these movies. Some highlights for me were John Carter, Dark Shadows, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Wrath of the Titans, Red Dawn, Alex Cross (the Tyler Perry one), Jack the Gian Slayer, Total Recall, The Bourne Legacy, Parental Guidance, Mirror Mirror, Battleship and of course, Red Tails!

  11. I noticed Kaluuya is wearing a Scorpion King (2001) production hoodie. That's very fun.

  12. This looks rad. as hell. Trachtenberg is a very good director.

  13. Am I the only one who remembered Astronaut Jameson Jr. bringing the symbiote back to Earth during a mission? What movie am I thinking of?

  14. I remember this was heavily speculated in the superhero forums that I trolled back in 2005.

  15. I like when Baz Luhrmann has a mustache because he looks like what I'd imagine the lead in a Baz Luhrmann biopic of Ted Turner would look like

  16. Genuinely didn’t realize he had a moustache as well, holy shit

  17. Love the solid 5 seconds of dead air after David says 'Phone Booth' takes place in a phone booth.

  18. Why is it so dark? I turned up the brightness on my screen but I still can't see shit.

  19. i hope there's due time dedicated to how severely alfred molina fucks in this movie

  20. "TS Eliot is more complicated than advanced science"

  21. Getting reports that it interpolates Elvis music with the Backstreet Boys and Britney's "Toxic" and I am so in.

  22. I was born and raised in Vic but currently living in Vancouver and yeah, I agree with you. Every time I come back to visit I appreciate it more, and I'm getting very close to packing up and moving back to the island!

  23. I do kinda feel off-put when they comment in here. Like, it makes it feel like an unsafe place to discuss the podcast if critical comments or even comments about the podcast that they don't agree with are at heavy risk of being commented on with a weird hostility.

  24. if you feel this sub is 'unsafe' then idk, touch grass?

  25. "I want my birthday to be Spider-Man"

  26. Becky went back home for a couple of weeks... and well, you imagine how hard he finds it without his caretaker.

  27. he's probably trying to digitize his physical body so he can live in Dreams for the rest of his life

  28. this is a big W for Disney, fuck.

  29. 'Fading Away' (or Tears in Rain) will forever be one of the great pieces of film music, period.

  30. If they're anything like black cats, they are also difficult to photograph without proper lighting. We frequently take photos of our black cats and they'd come out looking featureless.

  31. This is a big thing, and why I think these photos are important. These days people want dogs they can snap iPhone photos of and post to Instagram for likes, and black dogs are simply too hard to photograph with shitty digital cameras. It's a purely vapid, aesthetic preference for people.

  32. When Peter refuses her money in Spider-Man 2 and she breaks down…

  33. Maybe I'm too nostalgic, but there is more genuine human emotion in that one scene than the entirety of the MCU.

  34. "I missed the part where that's my PODCAST"

  35. At least you get trailers, Cineplex in Canada is mostly car and credit card commercials. We get maybe 3 trailers (which are usually edited to be shorter - I noticed this with the Elvis trailer) to make more room for AirBnb and VRBO commercials. It's some bullshit.

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