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  1. Your question is incredibly complex and yet the answer is very simple. The complexity is caused by all of the variables involved in actually finding the correct dose for each individual at the time of application. The simplicity is to remove as many variables as possible. CBD oil also has two very distinct response paths. There are immediate effects and long term effects. Most folks also don't realize that the human body can only process so much CBD in the blood stream at a time so big doses are not used and wasted. Keeping the CBD levels in the blood stream at the right levels is easily maintained.

  2. It's interesting how confused everyone is these days. The Fabian Socialists have won, however the great awakening is happening, so the truth will out anyway. Just remember this, giving more power to any centralized body of professional liars has never worked out for anyone... ever.

  3. organic hemp society OHS 33 sublingually if the best IMHO...

  4. Yes it will help and it will help you with replacement therapy, however if you just ride it out then those sweats will pass in a week or two. Drink lots of water and make sure you pay attention to your eating. Exercise is good too.

  5. Try CBD Oil. No high but does provide anxiety relief for some folks. Especially those that micro-dose small amounts throughout the day and journal the effects and support the changes with net positive behavior support. Read up on it

  6. Thank you! My therapist and I are working on anxiety management skills on top of medication. Although a lot anxiety is fear of the future for me, I also experience in the moment anxiety. Is CBD oil allowed to be carried in high school or would that be kept in the nurses office?

  7. You won't need to carry it to school if your mother approves it. You would take a few drops in the morning, a few drops after school and a few drops before bed. This is called micro-dosing and I would assume that after a few weeks or months using the oil you will grow out of the anxiety, especially if you are addressing the causes. CBD is a tool in the holistic approach. You will cure yourself by taking a wholistic approach to self-care. Remember that you are made up of three bodies. They all need to be in balance individually and with each other. Physical, mental, spiritual. Ask your self what is out of balance and then do the work necessary to get back in balance. Easy Peazy...

  8. We have a buyers club that gifts CBD Oil to Cancer Sufferers and can't speak to how our CBD will affect IC however if you want to try ours and make your own suppositories we can help. The suppositories method is very simple. Get an OXO water bottle ice cube tray, a jar of organic Coconut oil, and a bottle of OHS 33. Put 15 drops CBD oil in each slot and add the coconut oil to fill it. Mix a little with a toothpick or something. Put in freezer and that's it. Pop one out when needed. The cover protects the tray. As to price just leave a note and we will give you a big discount so at least you can see if it really helps. Only ask that you let us know if it helps, so we can tell our club members. peace.

  9. Hey if you make your own CBD Massage oils or just use it straight before using your favorite oils... we are a gifting society that gives CBD oil away to Cancer Sufferers. We support that with a tiny bit of sales online. Please visit us at organic hemp society and thanks for all you do in healing folks with massage. Special healers discounts of course.

  10. The physical symptoms will disappear quickly but the mental/spiritual dependance may continue to manifest as physical symptoms until you do the work necessary. CBD can help but if you smoked or vaped the THC then only use drops of CBD both sublingually and topically. Will help with anxiety that might arise from facing reality without the buffer of THC. Drink lots of water either way and physical exercise is also recommended. Long walks help. organic hemp society

  11. You could make your own nano-cbd oil suppositories with organichempsociety full spectrum CBD Oil and organic coconut oil. They slide right in and are great at reducing inflammation and relaxing the area. You should also make a compress and put a full dropper full on it and press against the anus while you relax for 10 minutes. Use the OXO water bottle ice cube tray to make the suppositories. Use about 15 drops of the OHS 33 in each slot of the tray and fill with coconut oil. Put in freezer then pull out and put in fridge. Pop one out and insert before sex if you really want a treat... happy sailing.

  12. So CBD has a good track record for decreasing anxiety and inflammation which can both be involved with cravings etc. I personally had a profound healing using CBD oil after entering AA. It took me about 2 months to see major results but I also had immediate effects happen. Some of the detox side effects were not nice but they were short lived and alleviated by standard self care remedies, like increasing water intake, naps, vitamins, and exercise. If you are entering detox or still in cold turkey etc don't look for magic with CBD, but if you have been sober for a month or so I would definitely try it. It is a subtle but powerful tool and won't trigger the addiction beast unless you take massive amounts of the full spectrum stuff and even then it will just put you in a sleepy relaxed mood. Some folks won't like that though and it can cause some grumpiness. Again a nap is all you need.

  13. Which type/ blend did you take? I am very interested in hearing more.

  14. I started off with some gummies of various brands but they were inconsistent. I ended up using oils made by a man in Cali who was gifting oil to my girlfriend who had cancer. That’s what I found to be consistent. We’re friends now. Organichempsociety. It’s a full spectrum nano cbd oil. I use it both sublingually and topically. Been 2.5 years now. Wow that means I’ve been sober 3 years. Holy sht.

  15. Topical CBD Oil on back. I'll send you some for the Bean... check in at

  16. CBDcan have a profound effect on anxiety. Takes a while and most folks micro dose one or two times a day for a few weeks before noticing big changes. It also releases pent up stuff that has to be flushed out both chemically and emotionally so lots of water and exercise and sleep, good foods, baths in Epsom salts etc. Self Care ya know?

  17. IF you think receiving the sacrament from the joy molecule will affect your relationship with your god then DO NOT partake of the CBD. CBD, especially when taken regularly, will actually put you in touch with the beYonD god of which the gnostics, the Sethians, referred to when describing this prison planet we all live on, and you will probably turn away from the local goDz... but IMHO that's OK. It would appear that the local goDz most folks are currently worshipping are inSanE.

  18. We are a gifting society and will give you a bottle of CBD oil for your dog. It is not specifically a dog product but will work fine. Add it to her food or sometimes they will lick directly from dropper. You can also apply to skin near any tumor areas. Helps them with pain, and anxiety. In Lansdale, PA area. You pay shipping. Send a message to

  19. I have luck with topical applications when I have break outs of Psoriasis and dandruff as well as itching attacks under my arms etc. Makes it go away almost immediately.

  20. Big hugs from me. I am having a huge empath reaction to the Civil War that is brewing in Canada so I get it. The stress will wear you down if you don't burn it up somehow.

  21. Thank you 🙏 I’m in the UK though. Is it a US site?

  22. Thanks for the full response! I tried a sleep CBD last night and only did half a dose. It seemed to really calm me down before sleeping but wore off halfway through the night.

  23. That's pretty typical. It's all a process. The sleep formula is attempting to correct a big issue in one night. Even knockout drops don't always work the same. Sleep hygiene is he best healthiest way to restore normal sleep patterns but people usually don't want to do the work.

  24. Luckily my sleep is relatively good. Only during periods of bad anxiety does it get effected. I am moving in 2 weeks and the anxiety of change is getting to me. Was hoping CBD could take the edge off. My doc prescribed Xanax but idk if it’s just me but I actually don’t like Xanax side effects and it made me pretty nauseous.

  25. Your body will reject unnatural meds if you are healthy. That's the nausea. Good luck on move. Recommend walks and breath work for anxiety.

  26. CBD Oil is best for a myriad of reasons. organichempsociety.com

  27. Anyone needing personalized advice regarding CBD Oil therapy please read our blog and reach out if you need help. We will NOT sell you CBD Oil. We can only provide articles and e-mail advice as part of our mission to help folks with natural healing options while collecting your stories about how CBD helps your life. CBD is a lot like Vitamins. It can be a wholesome supplement to a healthy lifestyle. It can have a positive effect on a wide range of health issues but is just a tool in the toolbox of healthy choices and therapies.

  28. This can be a side effect in the beginning of taking CBD. That was probably too large of a dose depending on a lot of factors. Newbies to CBD could start with a few drops every morning for 7 days then add a few drops a day in the afternoon for the next 7 days until you get the flow you are looking for. SO 3 DROPS FOR 7. 6 DROPS FOR NEXT 7 DAYS, ETC. Top out at around 15-20 mgs. any more than that and you will just be flushing it out the liver. CBD helps to remove blockages but is not necessarily a step agent. It can help you restore balanced bodily functions and that could lead to better sleep.

  29. Never did L-T but Micro-dosing CBD 2-3 Xs a day has had a profound effect on my GAD and PTSD induced panic reactions. After 6 months I am a changed person. Took me a month to find the right product, method of ingestion, time of day and amounts to take. Found that journaling really helped me find the sweet spots.

  30. Finally the moment has arrived. Safety off.

  31. There will be like 10 of you fighting, I commend whatever actions are taken but seems the resistence is non existent.

  32. Who said anything about fighting? I just won’t participate. No one should participate. To those of you who live with the programmed puppets of Moloch, move out and take what you can. They are being judged.

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