1. Reach out to Ray the Firewood Guy. He's got a website, he's local and a great human in general. He usually has a few new cutting boards laying around

  2. Why fix a recipe if it isn't broken? They're tried and true over hundreds of years. The ratios and the methods are working.

  3. Pie crusts and the like, some started out as poor man's foodfare isn't it? It's supposed to be affordable. Gluten-free stuff is expensive.

  4. Butter and flour, baked and filled with whatever scraps are laying around

  5. I don't carry yet, but I'm getting close to affording it. And by affording it I mean the weapon, holster, safe, ammo, and classes. I by no means plan on buying all the extra shit. I plan on it being a tool, not a show piece.

  6. optics do fit into "tool" though.

  7. Braising is a “until it's done" sort of deal. Check it at 2 hours, and it could take as long as 4. If this is your first time, I'd suggest getting everything in the pan on your stovetop, bringing it up to a simmer and tossing covered it in the oven at 325f for 3 hours.

  8. I will offer $60 for it because I like it and I had one with green scales exactly like it but I sold it to a pawn shop. Trying to rebuild what I sold. Fair offer?

  9. Classic seafood in the flats. It's a retail fish market. Or Kate's fish at the west side market

  10. Maybe elsewhere they do, like I said, my book only covers those from Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia, so Germany’s a bit out of my range, there might be some with stems there. Around here, I’m pretty sure they don’t

  11. You are far mistaken. Please do more research before making potentially dangerous claims

  12. Just gotta sell it on the low. I'll buy it if you're serious. I'm in the restaurant business.

  13. I would not recommend that. Liquor control does bust people for this, and it’s happened recently.

  14. Wilcox tree farm. Cut your own, free hot chocolate and coffee. Super cute gift shop. They take you out to the fields in a trailer pulled by a tractor. Tons of fun for the family

  15. We just went here and struck out. Cash or check only and the three ATMs in town are all broken

  16. Boil them, roast, grind. But at that point you've lost all the good stuff.

  17. I already boiled them for 15mins,dried them in wood stove for 10 mins,and then in oven on 150C/480F for 20-25 mins...

  18. Is there a reason you want these specific shears? I may be able to help point you toward another if you can't find these

  19. https://www.joann.com/gingher-knife-edge-8in-bent-trimmer-shears/1782739.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CjwKCAiApvebBhAvEiwAe7mHSLYEbdcAIySdIH5rC6HwbOhYcvdOhqA3sKLY8H7sDtHrmUOyH-U-VBoCcIMQAvD_BwE

  20. Show us your recipe please so we can see if the ratios are correct for a safe brine.

  21. Basically a 50/50 mix of apple cider vinegar and filtered water, plus a little bit of sugar (enough to cut the harshness of the vinegar). Also added some freeze-dried dill and freeze-dried garlic.

  22. Without a proper recipe there's no way to know that youve created a safe environment. This is the first issue that should be addressed

  23. I’ve worked in maybe 8 kitchens for over 20 years, I’ve been yelled at a number of ways. I wouldn’t call any of them abuse lol. I’d think that persons a dickhead and move on

  24. Oh wise one please tell me what do you call these [things?] (

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