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  1. For recipes already developed I would charge for 5-10 hours each depending on the complexity. For example, a dip would be 5 hours, a more involved recipe like au gratin potatoes 10 hours. Also are you advising them on amounts per person in these recipes? That's a big contribution.

  2. I'm pretty sure I can dice at least 10 onions in 8 minutes

  3. I'm wondering why you have 2liters of soda on a food truck when cans are readily available and already portioned

  4. No chef cares how well you did in school. Just keep your head down, keep cooking to the best of your ability. Always be the first to volunteer. Always ask questions even if you know the answer. The real-world doesn't give a shit about you. Only you do. And that's the only person you need on your team.

  5. This project is gonna be awful without collecting complete data.

  6. I'd say good job. Thanks for giving a shit enough to try to make it better.

  7. When did they stop? Last time I had one, they took the lunch meat, grilled it, added cheese, melted it, then put it on prepared sliced bread with all the trimmings.

  8. Yes, the meat and cheese is heated but the sandwich itself is not grilled.

  9. What's wrong with townhall? I have eaten there a few times and it has been pretty good every time

  10. Their food all comes from Sysco, a poor quality purveyor. Their non GMO/ fresh food concept is all for show. So among the owner being misogynistic, racist and homophobic he's also a liar.

  11. Same age. Literally just went to the therapist for the first time today! You've got this! Love and help is out there!

  12. I appreciate it! What’s typical for a first time interaction with a therapist? Were you nervous?

  13. No I wasn't nervous. I was excited to get help finally! You go in, fill out the intake paperwork that consists of Contact info, emergency phone number, ssn, medical details, stuff like that. And then you go talk to a doctor for an hour and they recommend a path. It may include meds, or not.

  14. If your people are even slightly serious about knives, I would recommend to book a group sharpening class. Explanation about how they work and why geometry is important, plus learning how to take care of your own.

  15. Gotta protect the nips. T-shirt all day. I don't care how hot it is.

  16. Try prosperity social club in Tremont. It's the oldest bar in the city and has great bar food!

  17. I always thought the Harbor Inn was the oldest bar in Cleveland.

  18. I own a ruckus. I live in Ohio. They are classified as motorcycles. You need all of the same stuff.

  19. Grindstone taphouse is a major sleeper in this category. Gotta give em a shot.

  20. Poor decision making on the owners and chefs part. Not you fault or problem.

  21. I'd be making memories throwing them off high buildings in the area.

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