1. tbh i keep that shit on as background noise for when i'm trying to fall asleep and i've never loved it more. sometimes i even have wire-related dreams (doubtlessly because of the audio in the background)

  2. Gotta be either Bunk or McNulty in the "fuck" scene. Both of them say it at one point or another.

  3. i loved that and a bunch of other scenes from season 1, when they weren't afraid to throw a bit more "campy" things into the mix. some really funny moments

  4. yeah and let's also break his fuckin' kneecaps with a tire iron from the company parking garage

  5. it's funny, i keep getting notifications for this dumbdick court drama no matter how many times i select "not interested in this" so it seems like google's algorithm is pushing this with a particularly obnoxious intensity. i'm not implying anything conspiratorial really, other than the fact that these stories are obviously getting a lot of ad revenue from increased traffic and google is trying to create a feedback loop of pushing even more traffic. idk, the general interest in this whole drama just seems so artificial to me; with its overall pop culture presence the past few weeks you'd think that it's as big a draw as the OJ trial (despite the fact that literally no one i talk to has ever mentioned it for more than a passing moment)

  6. I would imagine Depp and to a lesser extent Heard both have very powerful PR teams trying to spin public narrative on this. From the bits and pieces I’ve been subjected to, they’re both obviously horrible human beings.

  7. A ton of locals hate the F-35s just because they’re really loud, he probably gets some votes.

  8. an extremely loud stealth aircraft, sounds like the development process is moving along swimmingly. maybe they'll perfect it somewhere in the next hundred billion

  9. They’re quiet when they’re flying towards you and load af when they’re flying away. Plus they have a radar cross section of like .25m2

  10. yes i have absolutely no clue how jet engines work and am definitely not just pointing out what a ridiculously expensive boondoggle this entire project is, because everything i say is clearly 100% serious and should be taken entirely at face value.

  11. Nick Mullen / a few others take about him is interesting

  12. pretty sure he defrauded a bunch of rich assholes too, which is like the most surefire way to get your ass thrown in jail while being decried as a monster. if he just gouged prices per industry standard and ended it there (solely fucking over poor people) his name and face would never be known outside of that depraved little wall street circle

  13. he can just play it off as "senility." or rather, he can "play it off" as senility. either way i hope he gets wicked mad lewy bodies sometime soonish

  14. The author is literally arguing prices are rising because consumers "are willing to pay more". I have never come across a more stupid explanation of inflation.

  15. pretty sure she also argues that price gouging literally no longer exists because it was just made...illegal, or something. idk, i have to reread the article because i find it hard to believe that anyone, even a journalist, can be THAT dumb

  16. How intellectually dishonest do you have to be to see company after company, in nearly every sector of the economy, having record profit margins and say it has nothing to do with greed? It's either that or she has no idea how much a gallon of milk actually costs

  17. Same. The term makes sense in its original context about domestic abusers making their victims doubt their own sanity. But the media seems to use it now every time somebody lies.

  18. that's kinda the same trajectory as similar words like "triggered" in that it has a valid therapeutic usage which has become far too fuckin generalized and satirized and inserted into everyday language

  19. Christ you're right. I detest HOI4, detest KR, TNO, etc. all that shit and the communities surrounding him. I am willing to bet the KR fandom is the epicenter or patient zero of the vast, overwhelming majority of edgelords on the internet who unironically insist that turning US into Syria is actually good for the proletariat and will endlessly spergout if you disagree even slightly with them on that demented desire. HOI4/KR are unironically worse than fucking furries in my mind when it comes to insufferable internet subcultures and they deserve nothing but scorn from average people.

  20. i'm a pretty big fan of KR and TNO and i think the key ingredient in enjoying them is just not participating in the communities. TNO in particular has a lot of "ironic" fans of heinrich fucking himmler. on their own i dont think the mods really influence all that much, but like everywhere else on the internet, the weird radicalization happens in the discussion groups. i dont know. maybe it's because i'm 31 so my political beliefs are essentially baked in at this point. there could be something to that, too, i suppose

  21. Wrong. They are very interested in real change, and work hard to prevent it whenever possible.

  22. they're also demonstrably interested in real change that makes it easier for them to accept ludicrously extravagant campaign donations and perks

  23. I been looking at captures of his reddit account, he was a full unironic schizo that shifted from total radlib to altoid on steroids

  24. i'm saving a copy of this article to give to my grandchildren. when they ask me "pa pa, what was it like back when you were young?" i can whip out my hand terminal, pull up a copy of this article, and mutter to them in a wizened, gravelly tone - "retarded"

  25. honestly, dune. at least the frank herbert series of dune books. there's a lot of analysis to be made with regards to class immobility and the whole "great men of history" thing (and why it's a bad idea to blindly follow a charismatic leader).

  26. this is your best work yet. it is the very essence of shitposting, distilled to perfection

  27. haven't tried any of these personally (still relatively new myself, mostly used to wilsons of sharrow and snuv) but i do know that pretty much everyone who's tried red bull highly praises it.

  28. Jbr yellow is my favorite so far. The redbull is no joke! Super strong stuff. The lowen prise has very menthol with a licorice kick. The gletscher prise feel medicated really opens you up, but the powder is kind of wet and sticky. Got stuck in my nostrils. The gawith is pretty mild and easy to take. Overall i’m really enjoying it! Trying to move away from vaping and this is a new way to get nicotine with the added nasal effects. If anyone has suggestions i’d love to hear them.

  29. that's my absolute favorite snuff! it's such a nostalgic aroma to me. definitely gonna buy a 200g jug soon

  30. i've been wanting to do something like this rather than just keeping all my snuff in the original tins or random vials and bullets. did you pick these up in person or was it an online sale?

  31. love how that fanatic ideology somehow finds a way to entreat itself into a fictional universe where such a thing is basically impossible due to the rigid stratification of society

  32. union ironworker here, it kinda shocked me how reactionary most of my coworkers seemed at first. then after i got to know them, i realized how we all shared pretty much the same views regarding rich people, class, working conditions, etc.

  33. That's fair. The types who think getting railed behind a dumpster is peak femininity tend to pick some horrifically cringey names.

  34. like yeah i believe it but as an aside, writers definitely need to start finding a better word for describing highly intrusive and excessive surveillance. that word has almost completely lost its meaning and has essentially become a catchall for "bureaucratic thing i don't like."

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