1. I know they're milligrams and they're hella high I'm not stupid it's 18 mg. Still higher than half of the b******* in this program with low ass terps

  2. Lol, then why say % if it’s mg. Sounds pretty stupid 😂

  3. It would be nice and maybe mandatory for their packaging to say what kind of terps are used and is the CBG and CBN naturally occurring or added isolate. Pretty sure that needs to be on the label.

  4. Everyone that has made banger inserts say it makes their rig super lopsided. Does this have any tipping problems?

  5. Because the huge slurpers with marbles are light?!? Proxy looks massive, but could it be worse than the trendy shit I see everywhere??

  6. Cost of living is a huge variable at play. Most companies pay higher wage for exact same role in CA v OH in any other industry. Why would cannabis differ?

  7. Ummm don’t think I mentioned anything about what a living wage was. GTFO with your BS

  8. You should also factor in how it was grown back in the day and how it’s being grown under LED lights in a tiered layout by Galenas. The spectrum under the LEDs themselves can easily change the terpene profile. Galenas is growing DeathStar under LEDs Ohio Clean Leaf is growing DeathStar under HPS Pure Ohio Wellness could have grown under LED or HPS they have flower rooms moving to LEDs when I left. Not sure if anyone else growing it. But with that being said they could easily all be different

  9. And they all have different phenos, none like the OG Gooey in MI

  10. You lost me when you called this guy a “rapper” 😂

  11. Sorry I’m still laughing at “drug companies don’t market to patients”. You can’t be serious.

  12. How’s the burn? Clean ash? I loved OCL but had a bad black ash batch and haven’t gone back.

  13. They are making it super easy for us to be motivated for Union. And also, most of us are patients so they lost our money because we aren’t buying shit.

  14. I had to press my Le Crinkle, it wasn’t smokable. Black chunky burn like coal.

  15. Was it better pressed? The bud needs to be flushed better and dried better. It's wet.

  16. No, but I got it down in one hit versus struggling through black ash joints

  17. Temp, pressure, time? Looks like a successful press!!

  18. Why wouldn’t you take your child inside? I’m confused…

  19. Laws would be my guess. No kids or non patients in dispensary

  20. Will probably never buy this. Thanks for the warning, um, Riviera Creek. Looks highly disgusting, just not in appearance. But also disgusting business practice, to try to pass this off as some premium solventless product, when we can tell it's dry sifted bullshit. They'll probably change 90 a gram for it too. Just like they overcharge for their trash flower.

  21. Dry sift can be absolute flame, just not that crap they posted!!

  22. Because they were most likely all manually removed, it's referred to as "herming out" in the field.

  23. Yeah they manually removed the seeds from bud. That’s what they did 😂

  24. It’s a sativa and not a cake strain, so you’ll see some of that. Basically voids where buds are coming together on the main stem

  25. What did you use / method for the dry sift? Screens or a tumbler box??

  26. A lot of time the color is dependent upon the color of the trich heads. Since most OH growers pull their harvests down before 60 days, you get a good amount of clear-cloudy heads that press a light color.

  27. theres lik 700 dispos in michigan compared to the 70 in ohio, the instate competition drives the prices up or down.

  28. Yup, as well as cost to operate in each state. Huge disparity.

  29. What was your cure on this, room temp or fridge? Set it and forget it, or did you whip it?

  30. Lots of the guys I know who make hash rosin use semi dried flower. Some call it "dead rosin" shortly dried like 3 days. I personally prefer dead rosin dabs.

  31. Lol. What do you even do with those things? I've seen them on the menu but I've never encountered one in the wild.

  32. They’re basically like setting your money on fire. That might actually be more enjoyable lol. I think they’re messy and usually flame up and catch on fire vs a nice slow controlled burn like a charcoal in a pipe. Could be operator error on my part, but I’m not a fan. If I want all that at once, I paint the inside of a paper with rosin, toss in some herb and roll it up.

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