1. It will be repurposed to the farmersonly.com bowl

  2. University of San Diego vs University of Cincinnati in the farmersonly.com bowl!

  3. That's a match up for the ages. Winners get a lifetime membership

  4. Wouldn't that make him taller?

  5. Nobody can keep going with sarcasm....

  6. Glad to hear that Clemson, USC, and BYU are all going 6-6 this year.

  7. Ohio state is also going 6-6. That should excite you even more

  8. This is the pettiness that I want to see in CFB. I should make Sam Houston and App State my flairs to root for your next 2 opponents.

  9. That's murderers row right there

  10. 130k - 37 - 7 exp - USA, Florida

  11. Can you even live on that money?

  12. Not only made the list. Got a first place vote too!

  13. Man... God forbid we require schools to not teach about sex to young children. Such a shit place for wanting that!

  14. That's moronic. Why should kids not learn about sex? You must be some weirdo religious nut

  15. This excessively underplays everything about the healthcare system.

  16. Pretty simple. You go and just never pay them and then leave the country

  17. I remember a recruit announcing he's attending "The University of Pennsylvania State University" back in the day.

  18. Terrelle Pryor said the University of Ohio State when he committed. He's from PA. It all makes sense

  19. Dig looked so fucked day 2*, and then here we are today.

  20. They usually fail under pressure. Not sure what you're referring to

  21. Yeah, just a bunch of ignorant hillbillies instead. Sounds great

  22. Yeah I’d agree. If they didn’t have a single team make the main event I could see some people saying to limit their slots. But both of the SAM and OCE teams finished at minimum 2-3 in Swiss. That’s about as good of a result as you can ask for when there are 6 EU/NA teams in the event.

  23. That's also because they played apac and they are obviously well behind the rest. Not trying to shit on oce, but also just being realistic

  24. Yeah that’s fair. But someone has to play them. If we had an event without the free wind the low end results would be more useful.

  25. Yeah, it's hard to gauge. I'm not sure if there is a better way than Swiss to determine the best teams. I certainly don't have the answer. I was just kinda playing devil's advocate

  26. Preserving the importance of end of season rivalry games also. The Iron Bowl used to be THE biggest game of the season. Going to a bowl was icing on the cake.

  27. Maybe in alabama or sec land it was the biggest, but certainly not country-wide. I think tv numbers would back that up

  28. Maybe don't be such a boomer that can't use a phone?

  29. That's not entirely true. About 6 years ago he started his first successful clothing line, selling hats and t-shirts to idiots.

  30. you mean because they include or because they don't?

  31. Because they include. Breadcrumbs f'ing suck

  32. Actually, they are useful to the user on hierarchical websites and important for SEO as well.

  33. Google doesn't need breadcrumbs to crawl your site. Their crawler is smart. It knows how to go back. That's a farse

  34. BDS have way better chances of a rebound than Dig tho. Sure the odds aren't great, but atleast it's not dig level haha.

  35. Didn't BDS just have one bad tourney, or was it multiple? I can't remember

  36. Just one, but it was really bad. They went 0-6 in games

  37. Doesn't mean they can't bounce back. One bad tourney doesn't signify the end of days. They could be NRG

  38. Just Google Javascript currency and that pops up immediately. It's not on anyone to tell you this stuff

  39. but that would be lying then, for most people (I actually never have done any of that ever)

  40. Who fucking cares if it's lying? Other than you obviously

  41. The fact that Google no longer cares about ranking amp pages above normal ones. If they don't believe in their own tool, nobody should

  42. Good, don't need them. It's not hard to do a Google search and find 2000 jobs available in react in about 30 seconds

  43. October is when it sometimes gets in the 40s and 50s. No thanks

  44. Florida as an entire state is not Southern. The panhandle definitely is, as it's indistinguishable from Alabama or Georgia really. Inland down to about Gainesville probably is. The I-4 corridor and south of it is inarguably not Southern.

  45. It's true. I live in Jax Beach and it's not really southern at all. Take i-10 west an hour, just to the west of downtown Jax, and it's got a much more southern vibe.

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