[OC] I took my pet ducks to Mind Games to look around since they love browsing stores. They stopped and stared at this toy for several minutes. I think I know what they want for Christmas now. 😂

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  1. This is my life. When I'm discussing back and forth with someone or backing up a point I made, firstly I get very "in the zone" when describing by argument and secondly I have a very "booming", kind loud voice, so a lot of the time people get defensive and ask me why I am mad.

  2. Huh? The only recent incident that comes to mind is Vancouver rioting after losing the Stanley Cup in 2011. When Canada won gold in the Olympics the year before (in the same city nonetheless!) there were no riots

  3. Oh shit don’t say that someone in Nutrek will connect those dots and make it that Yar created the Tal Shiar.

  4. Gill bates is too hard for 1500. Melon husk is too easy for 1400.

  5. Discussed pre-consent is consent. With discussed boundaries on it. Just by it's nature, you can't consent at it's moment. But that doesn't mean you can't consent prior to it.

  6. Man, if after 15 dudes attacked me and my girl and some fucker with a sword comes up and everyone runs away, I’m gonna shoot the fucker and ask questions later.

  7. My family were full-tilt collaborators with the French, and I still have 0% French DNA. (Not that I expected any.)

  8. The Wiggles exploded in the US. I remember Mum used to take us to concerts for $2 a pop here and then suddenly tickets were selling for thousands in the US!

  9. But Danny Rand's story still doesn't have an ending. They can't just abandone it.

  10. I don’t use Discord and I don’t know much about it. But if someone else is willing to start a Discord, we can promote it in this sub.

  11. Because I know people will ask: Yes, their hair is real. They are crested ducks. Yes they have diapers on because ducks can't be physically be potty trained due to how their body works. You don't want their mess indoors. They are 2 year old boys and are brothers. Their names are Long and Phung which are Viet names. Yes they actually do love going around stores browsing stuff on shelves, it's one of their favorite pastimes.

  12. I’ve thought this for a long time. I’ve also felt it’s too bad that they didn’t

  13. They should release a special edition where the name “Saavik” is dubbed in whenever someone says “Valeris”.

  14. This hasn't been off the market THAT long!

  15. I didn’t even realize they were gone until I saw this post.

  16. Programmers don’t decide what goes in the game. Game execs decide that and the programmers are paid to implement it.

  17. Hispanic is a term really used to describe people from Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, not Spanish people from Spain.

  18. In context, it sounds like he was on the fence about taking a hiatus anyway. Unless someone severely screwed him over, he should have enough money to do whatever he likes now. Maybe he has a wife and kids that he barely knows because he spent so much time living on a movie set, so now he wants to make up for that.

  19. His job requires him to memorize a large number of lines. He might already be starting to struggle with his memory. Maybe he can’t do his job anymore.

  20. And here you can see her singing it with Tony Leung (who you might know as Wenwu from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings):

  21. “Why are people sitting and doing nothing while our planet is dying? People should speak up.”

  22. Sure I glue myself somewhere on purpose and if I am not helped by the guys I was trying to piss off, it is abuse. Some people have really twisted minds.

  23. I guess I’m not surprised to see redditors take the side of Porsche.

  24. Yup. People are always saying how RT is broken. No, people just misunderstand what the score means.

  25. A high RT score means “crowdpleaser”, not “masterpiece”.

  26. The post is fine. We often talk about the difficulties of being a traditional Buddhist in the West.

  27. Also, when Liz dies, her flashbacks of Red are mixed with flashbacks of Katerina.

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