1. Someone mentioned the two iron, get rid of that. Even a three iron, especially that one, will be difficult to hit straight. Find the club that you can hit kind of straight and use that off the tee. Play a lot and don’t keep score for a bit. It’s a tough game, it’s great and it sucks too.

  2. Head up north and give Princeville a shot. Awesome.

  3. 113 Good job. There was no fucking chance of breaking 100 first time out. I am willing to bet it will take least 10 - 20 times before you are even close.

  4. Arrowhead in Colorado. Or Princeville on Kauai.

  5. I don't know that they'd "struggle" at my local Seattle area course but after just about the rainiest spring on record, I bet they'd bitch about the slow greens and and mud/swamp areas off the fairway and balls plugging IN the fairway!

  6. Where you? Port Townsend here. Head towards Tacoma and Bremerton to play sometimes.

  7. It’s okay to ask the people that you’re playing with. Most are willing to help. We’ve all been new before.

  8. Thanks for your fucking sarcasm, dickhole. I have a cpap machine which requires distilled water. Reddit is often not so cunty. Thanks for your help.

  9. I do have a great sense of humor. You’re just a douche.

  10. Gary shot 106 after 8 beers in 90 degree weather. Frankie shot 86, steady as a rock.

  11. Yikes Gary may need a gatorade after that round

  12. Oh and two more giant beers at dinner. Kinda sad watching a friend who can’t stop.

  13. I think 330 is a safe distance to go ahead and swing. If you can reach, you’d know you can reach. It’s not like someone hitting 280 regularly will all of a sudden find 50 extra yards

  14. Right, I totally agree. But the group in front wasn’t on the green yet. He said chipping.

  15. Looks generic. Something you might find at Goodwill. That said, if you can putt with it, use it.

  16. Try a z quiet mouth piece thingy. Worked for me for a little while.

  17. I agree with Rob_035. But you should should hit a few balls with each. I have had many drivers over the years, but for me the difference has been negligible. It’s about which looks and feels right to you. Getting a good swing and confidence is very important, maybe more than the driver. Notice that you don’t see square drivers anymore.

  18. Stop using talking in someone’s backswing as an excuse for your crappy swing. I agree though, country music is awful.

  19. My swing is a thing of beauty. The poets of old have chronicled voluminous tomes of its sheer fluidity.

  20. I am quite the audiophile and love to listen to music all the time. Except on golf courses. Interrupting the peace and quite on a golf course seems sacrilege.

  21. I buy them for grafting stock. The whole top gets cut off anyways.

  22. As long as you buy them, for whatever righteous purpose, they will still sell them.

  23. Don’t buy those shits with the fake flowers, maybe they will stop selling them!

  24. It wasn’t my first color choice, but significantly cheaper than the other colors.

  25. Awesome. Congratulations. I shot 83 yesterday. If a few putt fell….

  26. Try a z quiet or a similar anti snore mouth piece. Worked for me while I was waiting for my cpap. Drug stores carry them. Duh. I see that you are doing that.

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