1. Yes . It was 10 or 15 years ago on YA after one of my answerers told me " aww go piss up a rope" that It slowly began to dawn on me. This here bunch might not be the ultimate seekers of truth I had naively assumed them to be. I cried & cried but after years of therapy I'm finally beginning to slowly come out of my shell like a terrapin on valium.

  2. First guy to mention brake and automotive usage. You ever see the dust from clutches?

  3. You were seldom out in the sunshine changing clutches so you didnt see any sparkle. confined underneath the car you Just closed your eyes & tried to breathe through your nose when you blew the fine asbestos dust out of the bell housing. I was a brake & front end mechanic @ 3 different chain tire stores in the 60s & they all had brake drum lathes so I turned a lot of drums. cast iron drums were pretty thick & would usually wear out 2-3 sets of shoes before they needed turning unless someone wore the shoes down to the rivets & steel..

  4. Interesting, did any of your old coworkers pass away from any exposure?

  5. my dad was a mechanic from the time he came back from Germany & was discharged from the army in 1945 until he died from a heart attack in 1995. no lung problems. & Ive never heard of anyone else having any health problems from asbestos. I believe a few people may be susceptible to asbestos But to the average person its just like the chalk dust that covered us & turned us white when it was our turn to clean black board erasers in school.

  6. Oh wow . Those eyes are saying you've been neglecting your petting dutys & you will pet me NOW if you know whats good for you. Thats one irate ball of cuteness. Better do what she wants.

  7. Well its Lucky for you that you got the message she was sending. Excellent pose & photo.

  8. Got 40+ favorites on my playlist but milk-n -blues version of smooth operator sounds nice & warm on a cold groundhog day like today.

  9. Yeah, Royal Enfield became the worlds Ichi Ban Number 1 big motorcycle manufacturer last year. They do look good But I'm not planning on trading any of the 4 old Harleys from 1947 to 2018 in my basement in on one just yet. Uh well maybe just the 82 iron head.

  10. Yes .long long ago in a Galaxy far away parked under a bridge down by the levy I discovered I liked a young lady called Rotton crotch Kathy a whole lot more than she liked me. Alas, my affection apparently was not reciprocated . she shoved me out of the back seat of the Ford galaxy & shouted this ones finished,NEXT! .

  11. Nope still shivering in cold dark minus 5c January weather until midnight. But I'm looking forward to a bright warm February sunrise in just about 13.5 hours .

  12. In show biz I'm Pretty sure Its customary to exit stage left

  13. Well I would like to say no , but I wouldnt touch that handle ,so maybe I guess.

  14. Not at all. tell the person who waits on you that its your sons Bday dinner & they might do something special.

  15. I'm live on the skyline of a small industrial city 6-8 miles from downtown so I would die in the first strike. Heres a little 15-20 minute video some scientists put together that might or might not be reasonably accurate.

  16. Yes . just a day or so ago someone asked me to choose between a Donut & a donut. In your case the old adage "sleep on it" might help. The higher intellect is easily confused but your instinctive animal body chemistry usually knows what it likes.

  17. I would go but hopefully I would try to keep my eyes on her face & actually listen to her conversation this time. pretty sure I wouldn't want to see the effect father time has had on those perky 38Ds

  18. Herbie Hancocks - Rock it got my attention. Sorry but I cant remember the specific year.

  19. I've recently seen Rock It credited as being the beginning of Hip Hop. I don't know enough about early Hip Hop to know if that's true, but it's pretty cool if it is.

  20. I Dont know much about it either . But it for some reason it was the first MTV video that popped into my head after 35-40 years, so there must have been something different about it.

  21. They all metamorphosize into another person every 8 or 10 years. If you're lucky You get to decide whether to adapt to the new persona or break camp & start over with a new witch.

  22. doesnt your hair look a little different this year?

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