1. Even worse, we've lost our last 3, 2 of which were against teams at the absolute bottom of the table. If we were playing in the west, we'd be 11th of 14 teams.

  2. I am shocked how split our subreddit is on this. It's pretty interesting honestly. Seems like it's a moot point to hammer on, though, and it also looks like we are in the minority. I have a hard time believing people are watching the same shit I'm seeing and think this team is cohesive or that Oscar is our guy? Do I know what is the cause of this mess? No. No idea, but as an outsider looking in I feel like it's natural to blame the coaching.

  3. Well, I agree, we appear split, but when you look at most of the post-game threads - the call for Oscar's head should be pretty clear.

  4. What are these signings on good players? We NEED HUGE signings. Are we broke?

  5. Araujo, Torres, Kara, Gioacchini, Jack Lynn (where is he?) We've also brought in Mulraney, Angulo, Alvarado, and unfortunately the injured Gonzalez.

  6. Looking forward to seeing Nicholas Gioacchini, but none of those players are big names. Like what I'm saying we should sign

  7. One big name doesn't solve anything. We had Nani, that didn't work. We had Kaka, that didn't work, now we have Pato and that's not working. These 3 were some of the biggest names in soccer. Some of the league's best scorers have been sneaky signings, that's what we really need.

  8. I think you've already gotten your answer right here. There are people bitching and moaning that $1000 isn't enough, those probably aren't the people you're looking to talk to anyway.

  9. I honestly didnt expect this much resistance, but its still good, got 10/100 so far.

  10. I don't get it either. If I had a new SaaS anywhere near ready to go, I'd hit you up for a free $1000 in test spend. The worst thing that happens is I end up with a connection for the future. What's the downside in that?

  11. My wife works for an accounting firm. They have more than a few clients who have yearly income into the tens of millions of dollars, yet they will look you DEAD in the face and call themselves "small business owners" and "regular Americans (meaning that they don't feel wealthy enough)".

  12. Income isn't profit you know. I know a few businesses generating tens of millions in income, but they're barely breaking even.

  13. Bitch. Poor people should be able to get a drink too, so long as they’re tipping adequately. Fuck outta here.

  14. You said that people on a budget don't have the "LUXURY" of making safe choices.

  15. Oh so we’re admitting that safety is an issue now?

  16. What part of Orlando? Closer to the UCF side? Closer to downtown? Something else?

  17. Politics as a whole needs to be removed from this sub. There are multiple political subs to push your beliefs on others, why does this one that’s supposed to be specifically about discussions of our city have to engage in the madness as well?

  18. The #1 ranked PvP IVs are overrated anyway, especially with super meta pokemon like Umbreon. 99% of the time you find yourself playing a lead mirror match, you're NOT going to end up against someone who also has a #1 PvP ranked pokemon. That means that you're almost always going against an opponent who has a higher attack IV, which in turn means you're going to lose the charged move battle every time.

  19. It sounds like you'd be selling securities, even though they're crypto. Look up the Howey Test.

  20. I was streaming on the LionNation app and our two commentators had said it was a planned substitution all along..maybe it was just earlier than what they had planned. Hope he isn’t injured.

  21. How the hell do you plan your substitution pattern BEFORE the game kicks off, BEFORE you know what the score is, and BEFORE you see what the opposing team is doing?

  22. 4th goal shouldn’t have counted - but 10/10 performance tonight.

  23. Play to the whistle. You learn that in the u5 age division.

  24. Why are NY fans in the Supporters Section?

  25. So do you understand that by definition for one person to have a terrible matchup there has to be one person on the other end who's getting a great matchup.

  26. I see posts saying that this game doesn't rig matchups like this but it really feels like it does when stuff like this happens so often. Regularly will have it happen in normal leagues too, will be encountering largely the same Pokémon for days, but as soon as I switch teams to try and counter these, I run into almost exclusively counters for my new team, lead with spicy picks that I'd never see when running my previous team..

  27. Those people are morons. It 100% happens, I've played thousands, and thousands of matches and there's no way it's a coincidence. Statistically there's no way it's a coincidence.

  28. Built #1 swampert and machamp. Stopped using them cause they always lost the mirror match. Settled for rank 100ish for each one and haven't looked back.

  29. This is the only answer that matters in this thread. A #1 rank for a situation where you commonly face mirror matches is - not great IF you're going to play it as your lead.

  30. Are you aware that skill based matchmaking will accomplish exactly what you wrote without all the additional unnecessary extra steps?

  31. Pretty much every single player out there that believes into the algorithm complains about it being unfair.

  32. It's not worth my time to continue a discussion with someone who is set in their ways.

  33. I guess we're just going to have to agree, to disagree.

  34. The thing is you can have a dangerous attacking team with a "hold-up/Back to the Net" striker. You just have to have the right players around him. Midfielders and wingers who are just as dangerous to score as they are to pass. We have... One player like that. Facundo. And every team knows he's our most dangerous player in the run of play so he is double marked everywhere he goes.

  35. I don't disagree that you can have a strong offensive attack with a hold-up striker.

  36. This guy gets it. Oscar is playing a defensive formation with defensive tactics, and it isn't working. I feel it is the same problem we had with Kreis trying to force a diamond.

  37. So the short answer you don't and the long answer it doesn't matter even if you have a patent. Let me explain. I hold a couple of patents in voice technology. I went in with a well off doctor, things were filed, we used an IP attorney whole 9. After about 7 years or so we were issued a patent, then two others the next year. Now filing get you a provisional patent (Which you can do for a couple hundred dollars). After everything said and done I think we were in for around $30k.

  38. I'm 100% sure you could find a patent troll attorney to take a look at your case against Apple pro bono.

  39. Do you reckon I should let people know that I am in the process of writing the book or should I reveal that when I finished?

  40. You shouldn't even bother writing a book until, and unless you have a clear path to marketing, and selling it. If you don't have that first, there's no point in writing the book.

  41. 1). You couldn't be more wrong. Also, physically speaking to someone is how SOME sales are closed, but there are literally billions of dollars in sales closed all day, every day, entirely online, without either party talking to each other.

  42. This isn't likely to be a popular answer, but I think the reason is that he truly believes he didn't lose. Wealthy people have questionable things done for them all the time, things that "normal" society wouldn't even think was possible. Then I'm sure when he became president, and got his security clearance, he heard about all kinds of things that will never become public. If those things can happen right under our noses, why couldn't something as simple as manipulating the data being sent by thousands of 3rd parties happen?

  43. You're forgetting the fact often times when something is wrong, something is under or overcooked while not really being visible, same goes for food which is overly spiced or salted. A waiter can't do anything about the food, and it's the kitchen's job to taste, not the waiters.

  44. Sure, that's true, but that's not what I'd consider messing up the order. That's a kitchen messing up, not the waiter.

  45. Blaming the poor waiter for messing up their order when it's not even their fault.

  46. I'm not one for making a big deal about it, but how is it not the waiter's fault? Their most important job is to ask me what I'd like to eat & drink, and relay that message to the kitchen and bar properly.

  47. Facu really showed his quality tonight. One of the better performances I’ve seen from him

  48. I thought we saw that from a few players, and I have to wonder if it was due to Oscar letting the players have a little more involvement in the decision making process tonight than they usually would.

  49. That was the most athleticism Tesho has shown in his whole time here

  50. I legitimately thought the announcers got the name wrong. That couldn't have been Tesho... but it was.

  51. The more I watch him, the less I'm sure he even knows how to play soccer.

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