1. Def not currently replaying gow 2018 to get more brok

  2. Well i mean, what kind of build and stats are you using/looking for

  3. I truly believe the secret to going to a higher plain of existence is just to die for someone else, all gods are assholes, so that would explain why no one got there yet

  4. Plus no-one is usually going around killing gods

  5. I know it’s a meme but thats actually way to much imo, even if your on GMGOW, your not going to get hit 20 times in a row without healing at all lol you’ll need some cooldown or more runic or strength if all you do is regular weapon attacks.

  6. Nah you need atleast 1000 defense before vanaheim tbh

  7. I switched to a runic/cooldown/status build and beat hrolf and gna first try back to back, if you need more info i could give my specific runic attacks and pommels

  8. Nice! I’m currently struggling with the Alfheim Berserkers

  9. The way i killed the them was i got the 2 sisters first with the runic attacks and rage then i parried the big guy to death

  10. I kinda hope Atreus is gone looking for giants in the next game.

  11. Atreus is a curious kid and while freya is older and more mature she like never talks and shes kind of boring

  12. I was struggling against her and king hrolf for like 3 days then i switched to a cooldown/status/runic attack build with sigil arrows and i beat them both first try back to back

  13. Exactly. Its like in real life where if you see a broken car and pop the hood, you're not gonna try to figure that out when you have a mechanic friend with you. Kratos is all about violence and no brains so he's not gonna waste time thinking about it when someone with him can fix it.

  14. Kratos is crazy smart he just doesnt always express his emotions or thoughts

  15. I fought her with a normal yellow bar. Im pretty sure green is easy, yellow is normal, purple is slightly hard, red is basically impossible

  16. It definitely is. And the proof is that I didn't remember which berserker was where, but I already knew exactly which of the 12 this was about.

  17. I just focused on the 2 ranged ones with all my abilites and rage then parried the big dumb guy to death

  18. In the triple one focus on the annoying 2 first then parry the other one to death. For the summoner i was way overleveled so i just brute forced it

  19. There are actually 100+ unique freya and kratos sex cutscenes

  20. I actually beat the last side boss you get after the main story with lundas set. Use it together with the shield that deals damage when blocking/parrying, stun when shield bashing and the attachment that deals more damage bashing them when they are status inflicted. Pretty fucking good for bosses if you ask me lol. Granted up until that boss, I primarily used raven tears with the cuirass that heals on stun grabs and later dragon scale armor for parry focused build. Lundas just melts tho, and I still stun the bosses plenty so I'm doing lots of damage.

  21. What was the name of the shield and rond you used

  22. Dauntless and affliction. I might've accidentally thrown in a Dragon scale equipment piece buff by accident lol. It's the dragon scale armor set that deals regular damage when parrying/blocking

  23. Thats what i was thinking but i wanted to make sure lol

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