1. There's 4 steps which step are you supposed to click on? Also, it says "program change" but I don't want to CHANGE my program I just want to add another major

  2. Adding a second major is considered a program change

  3. When they grant permission to take a course (for a non-major or whatever) I think the permission expires after 48 hours, so it would be pointless to get permission before there is an available spot. If you really want to take the course, you have to check back (usually in the first week of classes) to see if spaces become available and then you can email them to get permission.

  4. I liked WRIT 1700. It's also cross-listed as HUMA but Idk if it's being offered.

  5. I was looking at that one. What is that course like? What sorts of assignments are there?

  6. Oh perfect… I have Kerry Doyle for this class too. Thank you for the info!

  7. I’m not sure if thats what I am looking for as tmk that would require me to have knowledge in other forms of art which I am clearly neither is prolific in nor knowledgeable in (ie painting, sculpture, woodworking etc). I could be wrong tho.

  8. AFAIK all the photography courses are studio courses, so you would just need the two art history prereqs and a 4000 series

  9. Which ones are the art history prereqs? You mentioned 12 credits but the two courses you listed does not add up to 12 creds.

  10. Appointments open up at 8:45 am every morning for same day counselling, but you can also access help 24-7 through keep.meSAFE

  11. You probably want to contact an academic advisor to find out why this happened in your specific case. I think they do this if you don't maintain the required GPA.

  12. Mural has a free upgrade for students and is great for group collaboration/design thinking...

  13. As someone whose mom very suddenly fell ill with terminal cancer this month -- please take the time to spend time with your family. You do not get that time back later. 💔

  14. If you're a night owl and like walking around campus, GoSAFE usually hires a bunch of students in the fall.

  15. I don't know if Faculty of Education does academic honours. They're not listed here:

  16. Mirror shots are terrible. Scott Library Media Lab has DSLR cameras and tripods you can sign out. Set up a camera on a tripod somewhere outside or with a lot of natural light and use the timer function.

  17. I would also suggest CCY. There is a lot of crossover right now between EDST and B.Ed, but it is a new-ish program and it could evolve into much more of a theory, research and policy–based program in the coming years, with more of a focus on building towards graduate studies.

  18. https://w2prod.sis.yorku.ca/Apps/WebObjects/cdm

  19. This is the worst part about living in just about any building, on or off campus. We live in a 6-year old condo, and it's the same. Heat is on until Thursday, regardless of the insane in-suite temperatures.

  20. York (like most universities) has a ton of mature students who have returned to study for different reasons, so don't let that be a reason to doubt yourself.

  21. I'm pretty sure you have to get the 4U Math prerequisite or your application will be denied by the department. You can take it online through ILC.

  22. Thank you for replying. Will it be credited by the school?

  23. As mentioned before, the Student Counselling Health and Well-being website (Keele campus) website is here:

  24. Typically grad students get a funding package that pays for their tuition. The amount of funding varies. Details and examples here:

  25. Oh alright, so does that mean I need to finish my bachelor's at whatever university I applied to?

  26. Or you could transfer your degree to York and finish it there, then apply for the Consecutive BEd program (2 year program) for your teaching certification.

  27. Oh so I could just transfer general psychology and do the teaching stuff after?

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