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  1. I'm pretty sure this is all-time low for AM5 mobo. God willin it gets lower

  2. You may have assembled an all-star team here.

  3. Friendly reminder that if you've been on the prowl for Visual Novels, you may want to consider GOG over Steam. For some reason, Volvo Valve is fickle when it comes to nudie DLC or 18+ content for weeb games; sometimes they approve this type of content, but sometimes they inexplicably don't. (eg, Neko Para 1-3 has 18+ DLC, but Neko Para 4's 18+ DLC randomly got rejected and you can only buy the patch from a 3rd-party website.)

  4. Pretty sure there was a 11th gen i7 or i5 & 3060ti Skytech pre-built for this price as well. That was a solid deal.

  5. This is.. not bad at all. Any objection?

  6. https://giphy.com/gifs/NAm9sDr92fksw

  7. IIRC it's a trade off. IPS has more saturated colors and less ghosting, but VA has much deeper blacks and is cheaper. It's personal preference

  8. Don't forget VA black smear. You either aren't bother by it or it's a deal breaker.

  9. Got any evidence for your claim?

  10. Russia has been fucking around way past anybody's reasonable level of tolerance. I'm waiting for them to get to the "Finding out" phase. Hopefully coming up soon once Bradley start tearing them up.

  11. Although think about the western weapon and training advantage. US forces probably hammered urban CQB combat into their heads, along with how to utilise their invironment and weapons in such a situation. On the other hand, russians/wagnerites get little to no training (especially the ones around bakhmut, as its a meat grinder). Also take into account the lack of equipment and recources on the russian side. Sure they have plenty of APCs and BMPs but the ukrainians have a bottomless supply of AT weaponry.

  12. As much as we give credits to the Ukrainians, it's not wise to downplay the situation in Bakhmut. This thread explains it pretty well if you are interested:

  13. Yes both sides are in a meat grinder and in the same conditions. Though, a trained and experienced force against one that has no training, poor equipment, being there against their will doesnt really give great odds.

  14. Point here is that despite the losses, Russia can keep taking those losses. Ukraine, while making the odds as favorable as they can, unfortunately are taking casualties that they simply can't afford to at this point given how the battle of Bakhmut has developed.

  15. https://giphy.com/gifs/NAm9sDr92fksw

  16. Bro, that stuff is only on his OF

  17. https://giphy.com/gifs/LrRnPNuLziHihAb6qo

  18. Lol i waited until power hour and was able to get my order filled @ $0.77

  19. maybe investing in a profitable company would be smart?

  20. Yup, banks are good investment right?

  21. So the Russians sitting in their dirt holes without watch out posts , the bodies and weapons of their fallen laying around nearby and those Ukrainians just can walk by and shoot rocket launchers in their holes ... wtf is going on

  22. what was the target does anyone know or can hazard a guess?

  23. nvme crowds been feasting lately.

  24. The craziest, most painful (so far) investment of my life. Endless shills. High CTB. No shares to borrow. ShoReg for 50+ days. Share recall on 3/27 (will establish shareholder or record for RS vote). Likely billions of shares magically floating around. Dropping 5-10% every day for a while now. I’m down about $55k but plan on buying more Monday. Either we’re the biggest fools of all time or we’re right knowing this Board has credibility, creativity and is working like mad on something big behind the scenes. They have skin in the game. My guess is we’ll know which in <2 weeks. They just have to begin divulging more information very soon.

  25. https://giphy.com/gifs/sIOPYvH72FCkuZ0ZHC

  26. It's hard to even match exact colour on 2 same monitors lol. Generally IPS has worse contrast than VA but better colours and that's what you are seeing here. I would just eyeball it with the settings until it looks good enough to your eyes.

  27. Ur think of this backwards. The naked shorts, synthetics, all the FTD’s don’t get RS. Legal short shares get RS. In your example, your price target post RS @$50 needs to be multiplied by 10 as well. What ppl don’t understand, is if this thing is truly naked shorted to death, which everything points to yes (FTDs, High SI, Utilization at nearly 100% for 2 months) will make this squeeze much larger.

  28. I see. So are we banking on the fact that RS should be able to exposed all the naked shorts and force them to close? I have heard so much conflicting info on whether or not it actually works.

  29. Yes, a new Cusip number will recall and account for the exact number of legal shares. Remember this, SI numbers are “self reported”. They want us to believe there is only 82% SI. When I’m fat I bet it is doubled if not tripled or quadrupled. Imagine they get caught not closing those illegals at $1 but now have to close at $10 all those illegals. HF’s about to go broke. I’m playing this with caution but I have my own strategy.

  30. Let's hope it works then. Thanks for the reply.

  31. BBBY (I have no choice) and TRKA (I have no choice either)

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