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A Colorado Library has voted to ban book bans

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  1. Cuppa Yo: You get your own cup, you fill it with froyo yourself, add your own toppings, you put it on the scale, you swipe your card, and then are met with a tip screen. What am I expected to tip for in this transaction, exactly?

  2. Ok that makes sense to me. So at a minimum, in two years, I have 100k back (the initial investment) plus the rate that I bought the bond at, and from there, can determine what I want to do?

  3. Yes, but the feds tax the interest earnings. State taxes do not apply for treasury bonds.

  4. Related, but unrelated... if I decide to instead buy a CD, I'm assuming I'm taxed at both fed and state? It looks like a 2-year CD might give me slightly better rates (4.4%).

  5. Correct. I'm in a similar boat as you and planning on pulling the trigger on either 1yr or 2yr treasury before the end of the year with extra cash and can't find a better secure return - which is what I want with the extra cash. I realize it's under the inflation rate but already invested in equities enough and continue to DCA by maxing out annual 401k/Roth/HSA with extra going to college savings plan for the fam. These are the highest rates we've seen in 15 years and given historical trends will likely persist for 12-18 months, which assumes we are near the peak which I'm not convinced is the case.

  6. Check Costco. Can book an appointment online and don't need to be a member to access the Pharmacy.

  7. Didn’t think I was going to make it while I listened to this the first time way back when. Was laughing so hard I couldn’t breath.

  8. Congratulations! This guy solved homelessness finally. It's simply a lack of patience and no desire to not be homeless that bedevils these poor souls!

  9. Idk why but the phrasing "caught diarrhea" made me laugh way too hard

  10. This is exactly correct. Instead of spending 40-60 million dollars on building another stadium, the county should be creating some kind of affordable housing program with that money.

  11. There is tons of data on COVID-19 vaccine efficacy. Link below is compiled public health data.

  12. Can’t believe they let us put a better Westbrook and a better Luka on the same team man.

  13. Phish to me is only enjoyable live. None of their studio stuff do it for me.

  14. $$$ in the pockets of politicians. Go look up the revenue and profits that big oil makes on a quarterly basis.

  15. Cool. I'll call you when I want to blame my problems on other people.

  16. It's clear that the path she was leading us down doesn't work.

  17. Drazan actively blocked a quorum in the state government to vote on climate change agenda. She and other GQP pals hid with some crossing state lines.

  18. Safety is the main reason Americans don't ride public transit.

  19. Biden is a capitalist who serves the capitalist system. Cases are actually increasing. The only reason he says “it’s over” is to protect the profit interests of powerful corporations.

  20. It depends where you are, but cases in the US have been on a decline as of late according to data published by the NY Times, which is an aggregation of public health data.

  21. Oh yeah?! We'll I'm going to ban your ban on book bans motherfucker!

  22. I'm going to post "why was that noise?" tomorrow just to spite you. Xoxo

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