1. After the $30 shipping to TX here, this black one came out to only a $7 difference for those who would prefer it.

  2. Does anyone know how this compares to the SDS Imports version of the 1911? Is it the same thing where Tisas makes it but SDS imports it? I'm new to 1911 but would love to own a basic one to enter that world.

  3. Remember everyone, the right amount of mags you need is N+1 where N is the number of mags you currently have.

  4. If you only needed one, why did you order 10? You're still one short.

  5. I’ll always be one short lol and I’m a sucker for a good deal.

  6. Imo takes too long for combat applications. If I'm hunting I'll bring some but otherwise I just use Analgin.

  7. Somebody talk me out of this. Only have a couple months left to stock up on mags if I go for it.

  8. No tax outside of AL. Standard shipping is $24.99 to TX. Total came out to $831.98

  9. Yep. I'm on the fence, deciding between this or the cheaper 10+1 mag model.

  10. You can convert the 10 round mag into a 15 rounder, there's youtube vids on it.

  11. I just bought this a couple days ago for $382 from them and just now received the shipping confirmation. Maybe I should get a second.. would bring the average price down.

  12. Natchez has free shipping on orders over $150 so technically you only need 18 boxes for the free shipping.

  13. just got the Faxon 16" 5.56 mid-length 1:8 barrel for $103.75 after coupon so i'm happy

  14. Interested in this same barrel but seeing the 16" 5.56 1:8 barrel for $166. That would put you at a $10 off coupon, unless you are considering other purchases increasing your coupon value. Please share any magic you had in getting it at this price. Thank you!

  15. Just checked and it looks like the sale price is gone. Earlier it was on sale from $166 to $113.75 and the the $10 off coupon brought it down to $103.75

  16. I bought the SBA3 last week for $10 less. Is there anything about the 3 that would justify keeping it versus upgrading directly to the 4 instead?

  17. This is my first pistol build and I would prefer not to SBR it, perhaps a future build. I think for such a small price difference it might be worth getting the newer model. I too like the looks of the 3 but I prefer the closed/triangle look of the 4 more than the L of the 3

  18. new guy here, I know there's some debate about this but is there any consensus on pmag vs aluminum mags?

  19. that’s a good looking pistol, i’d like to build a similar one. what was the final cost?

  20. Drive over and pick it up. Most FFLs dont charge fees if you buy their stock.

  21. Wow so $35 + tax is the final price? That seems great considering others are willing to buy at this price with the additional shipping + FFL costs added on.

  22. Yes. I live like 5 miles away from PA. We really have the advantage.

  23. Okay Diamondback tactical upper 5.56 1/8” twist was on sale and code last month(March madness) for $230

  24. Thanks OP for the parts list. I'm in the process of building my first AR15 rifle but at $350 I may just start building a pistol at the same time.

  25. I have never heard of it, I will have to look it up.

  26. Ed Stafford is the real deal, I would highly recommend it to anyone that likes actual survival shows like Survivorman

  27. it would largely depend on the location but I think the ones that would thrive (not just survive or slowly starve) would be Les, Ed and Cody

  28. could be a few reasons: less bear activity; harsher conditions that'll lead to less thriving and more hardships and less time spent out there; back to back filming of seasons. not sure really but those would be my guesses

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