1. Dang... really thought it was a possibility!

  2. Honestly not really. It’s driving me nuts, to the point I think I may have made it up lol.

  3. Thank you, Just checked and it’s not this one either. Arghhh lol.

  4. S.W.A.T. (2003) ends with the villain committing suicide, and the BBQ sounds familiar.

  5. Funnily enough I watched SWAT recently and it’s not that one. It feels more early/ mid 90s.

  6. It’s been driving me nuts for years! Maybe it doesn’t even exist at this point.

  7. Spag bowl. Referring to something as “lush”. Content creator/ influencer.

  8. And on the flip side, Reedus got paid millions to stare, grunt and mumble his way through work…

  9. Lots of great replies here, thanks everyone. I think I’m going to definitely try sticking it out.

  10. I loved yellowjackets, however I nearly shit a brick the size of vincent when the old lady saw the man in the mirror.

  11. I always skipped over Happy Valley thinking it would be some silly soap drama, how I was so wrong it that judgement, especially after…that reverse double tap.

  12. A hidden incarnation was such a welcome surprise that I was extremely excited to see how it played out.

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