1. I did raw for a bit bc my pibble had skin issues and I saw on multiple websites that raw helped dogs with skin issues. My dog was okay with it for a bit but then he developed diarrhea until he was pooping out blood. Went to the vet they told us he got some infection from the raw food. So we went back to kibble. It didn’t help his skin at all I saw no change.

  2. Same, I'm in the process of applying to colleges and getting a bunch of rejections was the final straw that triggered my mixed episode. I'm just getting off of it right now (I hope..) At this point I just decided to be annoying and apply to as many as I can hoping ANY will accept me. Although we're in different stages of life right now I do emphasize with you and I hope you know you aren't alone in feeling this! Here's to both of us!

  3. Appreciate it! I am just hoping for the best. Sending you luck🍀

  4. I am not saying that the owner is in the right in anyway no dogs no matter the breed should behave that way. I just don’t like how OP was continuously highlighting it was a pitbull. The breed isn’t the issue the behavior is but it puts a bad light on our pibbles.

  5. Bullybillow has some nice gear my dog tends to get rashes from collars and these have softer material and some have padding

  6. F that rude adult. Your dog is your kid basically. Being in a public area doesn’t mean that respecting others and their space is thrown out the window.

  7. Spray bottle with water and white vinegar. I was against it but my dog went to bootcamp and they used that technique and it’s helped at home. I sometimes just use water.

  8. Yooo wtf where I can I get me some of those minions

  9. Same here. Honestly don’t know what i would do without my dog. I feel bad sometimes when I can’t walk him too much when I have those bad days but I hope he understands mommy is struggling lol.

  10. “Drink some green juice detox the depression away”LOL my family thinks having bipolar isn’t real either. Literally had a similar convo with my mom today about being sad and then I hear my grandma in the back say we will pray. Ugh if only it was that simple. Stay strong

  11. Ironic… isn’t her sister vegan? WACK so many options and they really had to go with a dead animal 🤢

  12. I get weird looks and comments from nasty bitter people about my pitbull pretty often. For no reason my dog is minding his business. I am more likely to bite those mother fuckers than my dog. Next time bark at them HAHAHA


  14. yesss oml. i have two, one's black and one's white, so im constantly decked out in both of their fur. my least favourite thing — the white one is a little bit fluffier, so she sheds more. i wear black clothes most of the time. lint rollers cant save me anymore :")

  15. Lint rollers… don’t do anything for tiny needle hair. Only time envy cat ppl smh

  16. Bipolar vegan here! I was scared to ask this question when I found out. I felt like a fraud for a bit but we are doing our part by practicing a vegan lifestyle in our life as much as possible. Mental health isn’t something to play around with. I had to decide between me and the animals. Animals which I love and try and protect and advocate for their rights just as much as I can. I have been suicidal and it was scary. Medication is what keeps me up. Unfortunately it is at the cost of some animal products. Which does hurt but mental health is so important. I would take the medication that works best for you no matter what’s in it. You are conscious and concerned and that’s what’s important. Keep up the good work!!<3

  17. Just like the title says I can’t find anything online similar to this but vegan

  18. I feel it’s like comparing apples to oranges. They are different but both have value. I feel everyone should respect every individuals struggles. Yours is no more difficult than theirs type of mentally. I don’t have diabetes so I don’t understand what they go through and they aren’t bipolar so they don’t understand our struggles. What matters is showing compassion and support for everyone around us and what they could be going through. I let people say what they have to say because I have accepted my diagnosis I have accepted that my life is different from other people and that many won’t understand but as long as they respect me as an individual I’m pretty okay with that.

  19. You’re not alone. It’s human nature to always want more. I heard something recently “you can choose to be haunted from what happened to you or you can choose to be better from it. Finding joy in life is in large part based upon your ability to tell you past to F* off”. Idk I think allowing yourself to accept how you feel. Make it a conscious choice to take yourself as your are and embrace that. Could help the urge to always replace tone thing for another. “Another persons success or failure has nothing to do with you. Learn to ignore the voices in you head that tell you to compare who you are to who they are.” Basically saying “an apple is not an orange and both have value”. With that said the way I took these quotes and how they can maybe apply to how you feels is the fixing one things but then another problem comes up. Look and observe what you are dealing with. Sometimes I make nothing into something and need to check myself. Stay in tune with your body. If you don’t feel well but have been told by various healthcare professionals you are okay. Let your mind rest with the idea that you are okay. Always feeling sick could be stressful could make you constipated. The stress and the anxiety of fearing something is wrong could be taking a toll on you mentally and physically When I get anxious I literally cannot poop for longgg time and get bloated like my due date is next week. Sorry for the long probably useless ramble. Though, you’re not alone take each day as they come there are better days to come 🤗 virtual hug

  20. I think I do tend to hyperfocus on bad feelings, which in turn just makes it worse. I'm just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

  21. I’m sorry OP. It’s hard to see the good when you’re in so much pain mentally and physically. I always tell myself that maybe today wasn’t one of the good ones. I will get good sleep and hopefully tomorrow will be better. I try not to say it like wow today was shit then go to bed annoyed and mad which will also carry on into tomorrow. Like I said this is all easier said than done and I know I don’t live by this religiously… I should since it’s my advice. BUT do as I say not as I do. I know it sounds like hippy dippy bullshit but I was convinced to try it and idk if it does what it’s supposed to but it makes me happy and hopefully. It’s speaking things into existence. Say when i get the job I’ll be financially stable and not if I get the job I’ll be financially stable. The idea behind it is that if you say it enough times you will attract it bc the law of attraction ????? Idk about all that but I do it bc it gives me something to look forward to. Not sure if any of what I just said will be helpful to you or anyone who stumbles upon this post but I like to share what helps me hopefully I can help someone else. Hope you begin to feel better!

  22. Hello friend, I am sorry you are feeling this way. I know that won’t fix how you feel but I have had overwhelming feelings like what you describe countless times. Literally less than a week ago I went to my car in the middle of the day at work to cry for absolutely no reason besides feeling sad and alone. Personally, after good long cry a few deep breaths and a pep talk (you don’t have to believe it lol but maybe after saying so many times you will believe it) I try to collect myself and try and carry on with my day. Obviously it’s easier said than done and this isn’t a plan that works 100% of the time but I do think crying and letting out all those feelings is better than bottling it up and then having a one HUGE meltdown later. Words from other people usually don’t make me feel that much better so maybe this is all just words. I do want to say you are never alone and you have people who love you. There is a ton of things to love about oneself. Show yourself some love. Be your own biggest fan. I get told my eyes are huge, in a good way. So when ever i get the idea that everyone hates me and that I’m a piece of shit circling in my head I remind myself that people have noticed me, people have said kind words to me and that I’m not invisible. Loving and accepting our past, what we have, and who we are is a good place to start a healing journey.

  23. Don’t have any tips unfortunately, became same lol. I do have a lot of hope that better days are to come🤗all will be okay virtual hug

  24. I loved every bit of this. I have a dog so we go on runs some days but holy smokes he never gets tired and I do. I also fucken hate running lol. He likes it so I have to try my best. Have to stay active and give some extra love so I show him with more play time and activities on the good days. He sticks by my side on the days that im down bad. Such a sweet little man who has a ton of energy will spend the day snuggled up next to me even if I can’t do play time he will still just hangout with me. So lucky he’s so understanding and can read the room I guess (‘: I’ve had people tell me I shouldn’t have a dog bc I have depressive episodes and can’t always give what he needs. I take him potty, short walk, always has food and water, and has like 1000 toys he goes and picks out to play with then puts it back grabs another + lots and lots of scratchies. So maybe I can’t always match the energy of a 1.5 year old pitbull mix with who knows what but definitely a breed with a crap ton of energy. Still I try my best on the good days I still try as hard as I can on the bad days. That was not really relevant to what I was saying… just a little adhd adderall leaving my body getting ready for bed moment. He was also the result of a manic episode so there is that. DONT REGRET BEST DECISION EVER!!!!!<3

  25. We just got another puppy as well. I can understand people worrying about them during a bout with depression, but you could always set up an auto feeder and watering system for them, and in my opinion, that dog is going to make you get up better than anyone else when they want out! 😂

  26. I had a pit bull x border collie mix a while back and holly h*ll did he have a lot of energy. I actually bought a treadmill to exercise him (walks were just not enough) and taught him how to run on it - he loved it! Dude would hop on it immediately every morning waiting for me to turn it on. 1.5 hrs at 3mph and he was pooped and ready to just stretch out and sleep.

  27. It's a more active thing on your end, but a flirt pole tires my gsd out so fast. 10-20 minutes and I get a few hours of peace.

  28. Oh this has been a fantastic help. He is obsessed with his. I have to spice up what’s attached to it so he stays interested but so far amazing.

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