1. I had an employer who used that background check company. They’re legit. Just sign the disclosures and make sure to mark the box that requires them to send u a copy of the report they’ll be sending the landlord. Fret not.

  2. Thank you! but I'm sorry...I meant, is that website legit? I can't find much information on it so I'm seeing if anyone else has used it.

  3. Does anyone know who the narrator is and if they have a YouTube channel. Such a great voice!

  4. Is this the vid you are talking about?

  5. More details from ABC that talks about the occupants of the home:

  6. Hong Kong cafes are open late sometimes but depends how late you're thinking. Particularly Kowloon near geary x 7th is open after midnight some days (at least it used to before covid).

  7. This is one of my favorites! They had it last year too and it revs like a race car. The idea of a revving giant luckys shopping cart is just so stupid that it's amazing!

  8. People watch. It's amazing the (stupid) things tourists say and do.

  9. Update: Nvm rechecked citizen and it seems it might have been a burglary on one of the top levels which tracks what I saw. I saw the upper levels empty as I was leaving the mall. I guess they evacuate the entire mall in case for a burglary? Maybe they were armed?

  10. Is it just me or does anybody else find Tesla body styling really repulsive? Most boring looking car in the world!

  11. To me it looks like a car that used to be skinny, and then gained weight. It's just so chubby and round looking to me and not in a cute way but a "I got to lose some weight" way lol.

  12. I have extra of those if you want them. In Hayes Valley.

  13. Would be interested if the person you replied to doesn't want it!

  14. Like another poster said in another comment, it looks like she's burning money for her ancestors.

  15. Jesus that box looks like it only has 3 snacks for the pig, 2 toys, and the rest is bullshit for the human? A recipe book, a scarf, and ornament? How do these compare to the dog boxes?

  16. Where my aquarium store visitors at? Used to love going to that spot.

  17. I used to walk around all the time as a kid. I still do it now when I'm in the area for nostalgia!

  18. My friend recently got her bags stolen and dumped dt. Perhaps not the same perpetrators depending how yours were stolen. She found her bad via air tag in a pile of bags later. If you want to go see if yours is in the pile she found, it's at Masonic Ave between Presidio ave and Euclid ave

  19. Rear window was smashed - but I’ll definitely check that area out

  20. My friends was stolen via smashed car windows too. Hope you find them!

  21. Likely not the same perpetrator, but recently my friend had her bags stolen from her car and dumped in downtown. She found her bag again bc of an airtag in it and it was part of a pile of stolen bags. OP, if interested, I can ask my friend the location of the pile. Maybe you can check if the pigeon is there!

  22. Friend said the pile was at Masonic Ave between Presidio ave and Euclid ave! Hope you find it there! Please share if you do!

  23. This one reminds me of the lady on EMCO last year who had poop floating around in her abdominal cavity. Horrifying.

  24. I can do in life without knowing how tall the sycamore grows or hearing the wolf crying to the blue corn moon or asking a grinning bobcat why it's grinning (the answer to the last one is obvious of course, because some dumb idiot doesn't realize that they became the bobcat's next meal)

  25. But what about singing with all the voices of the mountains and painting with all the colors of the wind?

  26. Something about her facial structure and makeup reminds me of the sims2...

  27. This is the most 90’s Nickelodeon couch I’ve seen. It screams All That and Doug.

  28. Reminds me of Rocko's modern life (rocko's modern life!)

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