AITA for making my sister think I was going to move to America and leave her alone?

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  1. I’ll admit. Her laying like that was the most I’ve believed her this whole time (currently in a similar position for leg and knee pain) but that line….

  2. As a former addict I too have been in that same position during wds 😅 I don’t miss it in the slightest, especially more so after seeing her like that. Hope you feel better soon tho!!

  3. Just to elaborate I thought this vid applied from a sarcasm/dark humor aspect, I’ve had a tendency of making these kinds jokes to help me cope with my diagnosis so I really hope I didn’t offend by posting here 😅

  4. NTA I actually think it was a relatively tame response on your part. But I think it’s a little concerning that your bf’s best friend is a blatant homophobe and your bf is willing to look past it and get onto you about calling it out as opposed to getting onto him for being homophobic.

  5. Yes!!! This is what I was thinking!! If he’s so “disgusted” by his friend dropping slurs and homophobic comments like that, why hasn’t he said anything to his friend or dropped his ass as a whole? I don’t get it

  6. Obviously you’re NTA, the husbands are deflecting/projecting onto you and your efforts lol

  7. You’re fucking disgusting, to be honest you’re beyond an asshole for treating your sister this way. I don’t even want to believe this is real because of the complete lack of empathy, respect or care this shows. It makes me sad that you’re the person she has left, BE BETTER you sack of shit

  8. This better be some sick joke because obviously YTA and what you’re doing to your younger sister is sick and sad.

  9. As someone with ARFID, NTA!! Having ARFID isn’t an excuse to be rude, if anything she should be grateful that you accommodate her as well as your family. This is a no brainer to me

  10. YTA suck it up, you only have to wear the dress for a single day, a day that your friend will remember and cherish for the rest of her life. All you’re doing to causing unnecessary stress over an outfit. Who cares what you look like, it’s not your day. It’s HERS. If wearing the dress makes her happy and comfortable isn’t that what matters?

  11. Well, they can love each other as much as they want, but Summit is too devoted to his family to make a real commitment. Now he’s talking about CHILDREN?!? Yeah, right…

  12. And we all know he’s only saying this now because of his family. He blindsided Jenny and went back on what he’s always told her about not wanting kids because of his family… its very odd how attached he is to his family but then again I don’t know much of their culture there so idk

  13. God he has such a punchable face…. And personality

  14. Seems like OP is one of those bratty RN’s that used to be the high school bully turned RN…. Idk

  15. I wish she put that energy into making sure her daughter didn’t rape a child in her home.

  16. I wish production had intervened and showed the footage of them saying EXACTLY what Jennie and Sumit are saying. She throws so much shade. Why would she bring up her “fat arms” - she’s a stone cold bitch.

  17. R I G H T ?!?! And not to body shame here, but after she made that comment I took a look at her arms and her arms are bigger, if not just as big as Jenny’s smh ppl just love to be hateful over nothing

  18. At first when he said that I was like 🙄 then she walked by and… 😳

  19. My five year old daughter is trying to process the knowledge that everyone dies. So she tends to casually drop stuff about me dying into normal conversation. I know this is her age-appropriate way of trying to process the concept of mortality, but it is so unbelievably ominous and it comes out of nowhere.

  20. My 4 year old (turns 5 in sept) does THE SAME EXACT THING and it creeps me the hell out every time. He also likes to mention dead friends and relatives out of nowhere too

  21. Unless one day I decide I want to go blind; Oh hell no, a hard FUCK NO for me dog.

  22. BrUH I’m sorry but she should be doing that, not you lmao

  23. It’s 100% illegal in Maryland, I only know because I got sent to a hospital due to an attempt and they gave a whole speech about it… idk how that’s supposed to work but yeah lol

  24. There’s a guy (presumably) raw dogging your chick and she’s trying to gaslight and lie to you, leave while you still can and never look back. Shits not worth that stress, especially if she’s gonna give you such a bullshit excuse and not even give the slightest bit of respect to you by holding herself accountable and tell you the truth. So disrespectful on so many levels here.

  25. Exactly what I was thinking and surprised no one else said this.. smh

  26. It was all apart of god’s plan, guys geezz

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