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  1. I can’t stop thinking about this episode tbh, no idea why

  2. the real world body is limiting. if you can be trapped in a dream world for your whole life, does it really matter if it is fake? it becomes your new real reality. you can be superman, or anything, so i would prefer the fake world.

  3. I am experiencing the same after supplementing b12 shots (cynacobalamin ). Did you figure out what was causing the symptoms and did you improve.

  4. yes i ate sublingual b12 methyl 500mcg per day and it got better after like 5 months

  5. Hi I noticed that we have the same skin type. I was wondering if you found a good moisturizer that works well for you. My skin is very oily and its mainly pink. But with humidity it gets better.

  6. instead of moisturizing, i just wash my face with water in the morning, and use la roche toleriane face cleanser at night when i bath. that's it. the less i put on my skin ,the better, due to sensitivity.

  7. How is la roche toleriane working for you?

  8. I usually go through every mission without taking any HP damage, or if i do i usually heal it back up before taking and vitality damage. However, in both these missions (demonic possession) not only is it practically impossible to hold back the enemies (due to how many they are) it's also practically impossible to kill 1 or two in one turn. This wouldn't be an issue but the fact that as soon as they get up close they pummel a character with so much HP damage that it makes them useless for the next mission (healing injuries) they most of the time outright kill them.

  9. Mordred, Balan, Lady dindere (or however to spell it) and merlin. Mainly my strategy is to focus on one enemy and finish them off before moving on to another enemy. Howver, with the amount of skills i have that are AoE or affect multiple enemies i usually use them first and move balan up to be a tank while using his armor skill.

  10. Focus fire can be a good strategy but the better strategy is to make sure you don't get hit. this means you should lightning stun 1 knight and leave him alone for the turn as he is useless, chain lightning shock the rest of the frontline with armor etc so they don't have enough ap, or freeze so they are useless next turn etc, you don't have to outright kill them.

  11. Professional jealousy is extremely common… do well at work and there will be any number of unfocused adhd motherfers secretly pushing pins into a doll with your name on it.

  12. I noticed this too, is it actually common? I thought they were a crazy bunch.

  13. my lancelot with 98% mental resists still gets frozen after killing a fogbringer, shouldn't it just take away 1 or 2 ap only? or do i need 100% to be immune to freeze?

  14. Yea some traits are not that great. Merlin the old sage trying to guide you to save the world is somehow greedy??? Worst trait is lanval with restless, he loses loyalty everytime you dont bring him on missions. Pp

  15. you should go eat statins. you are smart right? i hope you go eat all of those. you deserve it.

  16. Why do we even need to work? just make robots and let them repair and govern themselves.

  17. It's amazing we can actually see the shock wave. what does it comprise of? dirt particles dust etc? why does it only travel parallel to the ground?

  18. Coaches who respond with “I wouldn’t” automatically move on to the next round of interviews

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