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  1. those afer not bad.. I see a couple ambers.. so you are entering the window and it depends on the effects youre after. I would wait until I saw at least 20% ambers . couple days maybe.

  2. Awesome, I'm looking for that indicouch feeling lol it's indica heavy hybrid. I'll look at them again tomorrow. Plant leaves are still pretty green, no yellowing or dying off yet. If my soil is rich in nutrients will it die off like that or stay all green to then end? Bit of a silly question but I really don't know internet seems divided on that but of info

  3. its all strain/genetics.. autos will eventually yellow and die.. some do it later, some sooner.. its why you stick to trichs for telling when to chop.

  4. I'll stick to the path I'm on then, was just curious. Thanks for answering all my questions, have yourself a great day <3

  5. Starts off a little like a cornflower, but it‘s not bright and hairy enough yet. A very etiolated young straw flower??

  6. Looks like a young cornflower to me

  7. The Gaia all purpose looks like it’s working. Are you going to switch to the Gaia bloom for flower? It looks like it has some great ingredients. I’d add additional potassium sulfate, in increasing amounts through the flower phase.

  8. Yea I got, got some gaia bloom on the side waiting for some sign of preflower, I think it's coming soon. Been checking every day. Plus days are getting slightly shorter again, I should probably add a bit next feed so there's a little available at the start.

  9. Thanks I'll check into those. Good luck with yours as well!

  10. I'm not entirely sure but it looks a lot like poison hemlock.

  11. I take that back I don't see and red/purple on the stem.

  12. Yea that looks like it. Was in the right place then all bushland no gardens to worry about. Thank you.

  13. Because he has no respect for you. Sounds like the beginning of some mental and emotional abuse. I'd say leave and find some one that will actually care about your feelings. I dated a man before that would call me woman. I also told him I didn't like and was told it was funny. Fast forward a year and it progressed into physical abuse, I had to run in the middle of the night. He would randomly contact me to get back together for years. Hasnt got in touch in a maybe 3-4 years now. I was 21 at the time, I'm 38 now. Just leave while you can, he will always be better to the dog then to you.

  14. Ever get an answer? I came to search this as well

  15. Kind of looks like scarring that pumpkins get when the skin gets scraped or cut while it's growing.

  16. Thank you I'm going to look into that.

  17. I didn't even know they did that! Amazing!! Would love to see once the flowers open... googling now lol

  18. Its usually losers that like under age girls, the girls their own age know this and wont bother with them. The young girls are to naive to realize it. There's usually mental and emotional abuse they feel stuck then they mature and gtfo that relationship. Been there done that. Date in your own age group, if they don't want you maybe work on yourself cause something is obviously wrong. But what do I know im just a grown woman with regrets from dating older men in their 20s when I was 15-16..

  19. I bought these guys from a local nursery about a week ago. I've had them outside with the rest of my seed starts during the day (its 80 degrees) and I bring them in at night. I've noticed that the leaves are turning yellow.

  20. Check the roots maybe they are getting too big for those pots

  21. I'm not in Canada, but I'd recommend against Crop King -- they are one of the vendors we periodically get complaints about here.

  22. Aww really? My neighbor was telling me how awesome they were. I order like 300$ worth of seed. Now I'm a little scared..

  23. Awesome. So far so good on my end. I might have stunted them a day or 2 but that's my own dumbass fault lol

  24. I just put these lights up an hour ago I forgot to add. The stretching is from the lack of light towards the end of the day following my window. At about 4pm I lose a lot of day light. Just need something to pick up the slack till bed time. Do they need lights 24/7 if they will be outside? Or would that mess them up full light then going outside and getting darkness for hours.... or is that just photos.. I don't know im confusing myself 🤣😅

  25. Oh those poor girls are stretching so bad, that led isn’t worth the $$. They need more light.

  26. Just the one stretched. Popped out the dirt too early was in a dark room. The rest are about an inch and maybe a half long. First time under the light. Day 7 from germination

  27. Yes you are! Damn girl you is sexy. Poppin a lady boner here.

  28. $5,000.00 to see it, $10,000.00 to pop it in your ass ;) thats U.S. funds Hun

  29. Phobias are funny like that. As a passenger, I've had a spider appear in front of me while my wife was driving. She pulled off the road, got into a parking lot and I jumped out of the now much slower moving vehicle because i don't need you to stop, i just need you to be moving at a speed so that i can exit the vehicle without dying.

  30. This is much smarter than what I did to my friend. Spider dropped down in front of me in my friends old mini van. I hopped out my seat on to the middle console and half her seat, she was driving on a highway at the time, we swerved a bit. Lol she pulled over telling me I'm a dumbass and killed that spider for me. I was freaking out like the girls in this vid too lmao. We still laugh about this

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