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  1. It will be okay so long as they wear gloves!

  2. Wouldnt this hurt like hell when moving

  3. I think all the Eva pilots got hurt a lot too, mentally and physically.

  4. Riding my bike down Florida sidewalks and they’re covered in them little guys running around is a good time

  5. Publix is conservative with their money.. they tried to do the delivery route many years ago before it was successful and it failed and they lost a bunch of money. Now they are gun-shy to get back into it..

  6. I think PublixDirect failed because they tried to run it out of the warehouse instead of a store.

  7. It will be different for each district/region, whichever departments they need more of.

  8. That’s to hush people who aren’t happy with the raise they got on August 20th.

  9. My store just got it — don’t know how much I’ll use it since I usually prepay in the app and only use the register if I have a reward to redeem, which it says I can’t.

  10. We had an elderly gentleman who came through and sat on the self checkout, crapped on it, stood up and walked away. Had to call the assistant customer service manager to clean that up, while his nurse kept apologizing for what he did.

  11. a couple times their card got declined or only covered part of it

  12. We have to be careful with that in the liquor store too, lots of people don’t want a receipt, so you might see ‘accepted’ and say, “Alright, have a great day!” too soon, just to have it still have a remaining balance.

  13. For non-sensitive materials send them back on a grocery truck reload like your plastic bags get recycled. This paper gets sold to scrap companies while and are not shredded by Publix, so make sure it really isn’t confidential info. We like to use the boxes that white printer paper comes in.

  14. Just throw the banana box in the green bag with the mail, or leave it separate?

  15. Separate due to the weight it’s going to be when full.

  16. I have a similar setup with my Robinhood account, and I see that money around 6:45pm on Tuesdays.

  17. In the olden days, we would just jam a paper clip into holding down the page button on the intercom phone and then set the receiver up to someone’s boom box.


  19. Anybody else hear Darude - Sandstorm playing in the background?

  20. Dang it, video won’t play.

  21. System maintenance will make some pages unavailable from

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