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  1. Like most people we love Ewan as Obi. The most we could do in S2 is his adventures across tattooine. Untold stories Disney could drag on until ANH starts. Bring in some new people. But like most people we want to get away from the skywalker name and heritage.

  2. Watch The Frighteners with Michael J Fox

  3. This is the one your grandfather pulls out and makes you smoke in the hopes to make you quit when he caught you smoking grandma cigarettes. Now you smoke cigars with them both.

  4. And a horse is missing it’s blanket

  5. “Stay strapped or get clapped.” Winnie the Pooh

  6. You must be new here. I’ve seen people return a dozen of them. You have to waterboard these things especially in the heat we are having.

  7. Since I’m not Hellboy or doing relevant movies; the empty can rattles the most.

  8. I wouldn’t give him a snap pistol from a small town dollar store. The ammo is a choking hazard

  9. You have to hire someone to pick your nose.

  10. Gorr the god butcher sister. Whore the pudding buster

  11. Great cast. He did well as Solo. Same as Lando. Chewie is Chewie.

  12. Always been a fan of Anson Mount. Krasinski portrayed RR well but was subpar for revealing the weaknesses of BB. I could see him doing the role again. Not a fan of captain marvel in any iteration. MCU or on paper. The Illuminati was nerfed too quickly.

  13. I hate when someone uses the term “google it” as if that is the only search engine or term for search the web.

  14. Golfing accident with Palpatine and the red guard.

  15. Car dealership I worked at in the parts department changed my pay from hourly to commission with no choice in the matter. First check was shit. 300$ less.

  16. I’m still waiting on the holy water Visine to come in the mail.

  17. He wanted to make a puzzle out of the table

  18. Or they bring their dogs to Costco and the dog pisses solo over the produce and then an employee has to remove all the product and rebuild the pallet the dog pissed on. Time lost there.

  19. Looks like it was dropped off in the middle of the night with a set of hand trucks/Dollies from Costco.

  20. Jets and BJs. Not cheap but even before BJs brewery and restaurant wasn’t cheap.

  21. What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

  22. I bet he got bitches tho. I mean they’re all right there acting like thumbellina

  23. He was known as the beaver dam buster/s

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