1. I work at the GRH Foundation. I’d be happy to answer questions that I can - but just curious if maybe an AMA might be more useful?

  2. 30's going to be your cap without fiber, true.

  3. Idiots. FWIW, that turn isn't tricky at all. Both of those morons are well past the stopping line (which is visible in the picture) and there is no turn on red (the sign is also visible).

  4. While it would make sense that Food Basics would price match unfortunately they do not.

  5. This is true. Plus Superstore has more stuff so you can get everything in one store, saving time and gas money!

  6. That too. Since the pandemic began I've been doing a single weekly grocery shopping trip to RCSS rather than several smaller trips over the week to various stores. It's become so convenient and ingrained that I now continue to do it.

  7. Something I really thought was missing from recent news coverage on the decision is how big an impact speed has on pedestrian and cyclist fatalities. I think The Record spared a short sentence on the topic, then undercut it by mentioning that the research wasn't from Waterloo specifically. I'm thankful Tenille chose to include some graphics in her blog post.

  8. I’d like to see Joel Harden go for it. While it’d be excellent to have a female leader at the helm, Harden has fire in their belly and the charismatic qualities a politician needs to get the electorate excited to vote.

  9. Makes too much common sense for it to happen, at least not any time soon.

  10. If you plan to stay in your home for more than a few years then BUY a water softener. (The same applies to the water heater if you have to replace that.)

  11. And have any of those people suffered worst than a very mild head cold?

  12. Yeah, it's stuck in a kind of philosophical situation. When GO was created it was as commuter transit; how do we get all the people around Toronto into the city for work in the morning and home in the evening without a car. So from that lense it obviously only runs Monday to Friday, roughly 9ish to 5ish, with some room for stragglers that get drinks in the city after work.

  13. With 1,012 respondents to an online poll there's no chance the results could be skewed in any way

  14. Doofus got 1.9M votes. NDP+Libs got 2.2M votes.

  15. Full props to Fife (and Lindo) for getting reelected despite the blue wave surrounding them.

  16. FWIW The Record recently ran a series of four articles about the history of flying and airports in the region.

  17. Call the media. Shaming SDM will accomplish more and be much faster.

  18. The only true candidate that has ever come to our door during an election campaign was retired UW poli-sci prof Peter Wolstencroft some years ago.

  19. You can't use PC Optimum points to buy gift cards. Loblaws stopped that practice 3 or 4 years ago.

  20. These days they all come unlocked out of the box. Carriers were supposed to unlock older phones for free. By now I assume that all old originally-locked phones still in service have been unlocked.

  21. You have a contract and unlimited bandwidth, tell them to pound sand. I’m with Teksavvy I stream, game, pirate with a VPN and never been an issue. I’ve even hosted game servers in the past and have never received a complaint.

  22. If you use a VPN then you shouldn't get any notices via TekSavvy (or any other ISP) since there's no way to trace the IP address back to you.

  23. Another long time TekSavvy customer who uses tons of "unlimited" data and has never heard anything from them.

  24. My favourite John Goodman diatribe (from Tremé)

  25. As someone who went to LifeLabs yesterday morning not knowing you can book an appointment, I highly recommend booking an appointment.

  26. Some blood tests require that you fast for several hours. I imagine that explains the heavy traffic early in the morning. That, plus people on their way to work.

  27. You need a requisition to get bloodwork. Either from your family doctor or a doctor at a walk in clinic.

  28. The strategic vote will depend heavily on your riding. Horwaths claim that they're the strategic vote is incredibly flawed (and I guarantee she knows that too).

  29. One major caution with this (and similar tools) is that most ridings simply don't have riding level polls, so projections are even less accurate than you may think.

  30. FWIW I got a robocall yesterday that asked about my voting intentions down to the candidates in my riding (Waterloo.) Of course as with all such polls, there's the GIGO factor.

  31. Yup! Plus the code is open source on GitHub. AMA

  32. Thanks for undertaking this project. Much appreciated.

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