1. I don't understand what this is....is it supposed to be like sports teams?

  2. The character in the image is Zell. He's a hot headed punk guy. He often disagrees with whatever plan is being decided on, and when he's told to stfu, his response is some variation of,

  3. I am an avid list writer when I’m on the pot, that’s between me and the Emperor but oftentimes when at work during down time or similar situations where I have spare time and want to theory craft, I can’t realistically keep the book on hand until the release the $60 pdf document 🫠

  4. He looks like a Paladin. Holy shit I love it.

  5. You realize so is his dread right? Lmao

  6. Anatomically a dreadnaught is different from an Olympic sprinter, relatively they are both doing the same. Dread thigh is not a 90 degree angle, it’s more like a 45-60. It’s just somewhat hidden by the camera angles. Then the knee is bent to have the foot more straight back. Just like a sprinter’s stride. Go ahead, dig your heels in for another round of being wrong.

  7. While people are debating female Space Marine, Graham McNeill was 40,000 steps ahead and has already made canon female CSM since Storm of Iron, 2002. RIP Kroeger.

  8. No but if you kill a navy seal and start wearing his skin, you're still a very scary and dangerous person who deserves respect for their martial prowess

  9. Not if I'm a coward like her and kill a Navy Seal while he's sleeping after returning from battle.

  10. Keep going. It's like putting 20p in a machine and watching crazy come out

  11. Yes GBP truly is the worst of all currencies.

  12. May wanna straighten out the cannons on that poor fire raptor lol. Looking like an ex of mine that I had to stop dating.

  13. Awesome Gore effekt! could you tell what kind of glue do you used for that?

  14. Thanks dude! For the Gore I used Uhu Glue. It's very simple and thick super glue. It's weird and stringy and gross. Takes a little bit of practice, but it's very powerful effect.

  15. Beautiful ! The pose is really dynamic, and great work on the blood and gore effect.

  16. I think you should point the gun forward. I think it looks silly like that.

  17. The anatomy on this thing is all over the place hahaha

  18. Kickstarters like this piss me off because the thing already exists. They don't need to be KS'ed. Just sell the file.

  19. You clearly didn’t read the title. This is AVAILABLE NOW. On MyMiniFactory.

  20. I did read the title guy. I was giving you context. Thanks for the wall of text I won't read.

  21. My mans aint got no butt. my mans aint got no dick neither

  22. She's half the budget isn't she? What is there to talk about? You're gonna spend the rest of the budget on things you're required to take. lol

  23. Idk man... those look pretty big. I'd be interested in seeing it primed, because I don't know if I like that.

  24. The turned up Turkish toes are hilarious. Looks like a clown. Hahaha

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69NA43sQTn0&ab_channel=Warhammer

  26. I think they have a litany they can recite to be able to calm them down long enough but they would be doing it through the vox or in a position the marine can hear them, and out of visual type situation because everything I've seen with the Chaplain's is they aren't in visual of them or something

  27. That's not necessarily true. During the Devestation of Baal, the Chaplains are lagging the Death Company through the crowded sanctum towards the front lines to unleash them upon the Tyranids.

  28. What in the world does "plug and play" mean to you? This sort of dishonesty doesn't do the 3d printing world any justice.

  29. Again, compared to FDM, Resin is plug and play. Significantly fewer things to worry about and you don’t need a mechanical engineering degree to figure out every little error. It was a broad, generalized comparison.

  30. Inaccurate. But whatever. I don't care enough to argue the point with you.

  31. Alright dude. I’ll admit my ignorance. I have no clue what you’re fucking on about.

  32. I hadn't had my coffee yet. hahaha, again, my apologies. smh

  33. That’s the noisy cricket from MIB.

  34. What about the jump packs? I was thinking of using the sanguinary guard jump packs sans wings for assault marines, but the cost of those + sets of bolt pistols and chainswords were pretty painful, and would only get me 5 assault marines.

  35. Ya know if I felt like you were capable of comprehending the reasons why it's sexist and juvenile I would probably explain it to you.

  36. This is the same like insulting you and turning my back on you while I simultaneously look down on you. Are you pretending that you are the only one who understand what sexist and juvenile is or you are just a frustrated feminist searching for a reason for self expression?!

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