1. I'm glad you have as much confidence in the Flyers as I do

  2. I was thinking the same thing, we can’t even get a solid positive prediction.

  3. Several years ago she had an incident where she did something really odd. I don't remember details, but she's definitely got some known mental illness issues.

  4. 2000, she wandered into a farmhouse near Fresno and asked the family for their shoes. She then took a shower as the family called the police. Anne then told the police she was god and was taking everyone to heaven in a spaceship. She was on drugs and probably suffering a mental health episode.

  5. bnyc says:

    I say this like it's literally what the original question was asking. Movies don't usually try to undo all the well-crafted storylines the previous films had. They try to undo the mistakes of the shitty ones.

  6. You answered yourself. Movies don’t undo well-crafted storylines, AvP doesn’t have well-crafted storylines; movies try to undo the mistakes of shitty ones, AvP is shitty.

  7. This is a thread about low skill players. It is an undeniable fact that yandle has skill. It’s his athleticism and age that holds him back. Anyone commenting Yandle has no fucking clue what they are talking about

  8. Yandle no longer has skill. You can blame his age and athleticism, but his skill is gone too. If you watched him play at all this year, you would see an iron pylon turning the puck over constantly.

  9. You don’t just lose skill. Any grinder playing in the league has less puck skill than Yandle

  10. Well if you don’t lose skill, he must have never actually had any then. The only “skill” he showed last year was turning over the puck and getting beat. He was the worst player skill wise in the league.

  11. There’s totally kissing in “Back to the Future”. George & Lorraine and Marty & Lorraine both at the Under the Sea dance

  12. Do people still consider the Devils a rival compared to Pens/Rags? Maybe that's lost on me, but I definitely haven't for many many years at this point. Tons of indifference towards NJ IMO.

  13. Now our rivalry with Devils is to see who can shit the bed more.

  14. Like 5 years ago, I was starting to think “this guy might be my favorite non-Flyer” then I watched him more, and realized he’s just Malkin in Florida. Incredibly talented, but lose their shit if anything happens against them (checked, lose a puck battle).

  15. I have no clue how many missions I’ve done but I’m around level 250 or so and I’ve played 4 online games ever.

  16. Yes! It is so de-stressing. I was just telling a friend that today. I can take my time, check every corner, mine all the gold. It feels like…fells like “I’m Stoney Rock!”

  17. Came here for Tango & Cash. I’ve been aggressively quoting this movie at my wife for over 15 years.

  18. I'm fully aware that guantanamo is a bay. But it's not the Bay Area. Figure it out

  19. Wouldn't be shocked if he ends up on waivers once Farabee is back. No real need for him and Deslariaus, and Desnoyers showed he can play the same game as well so you have multiple options within the system for a gritty 4th liner.

  20. That’s Leonard Smalls. Probably still looking for baby Arizona.

  21. You can dig underneath the supply pod to knock it lower, exposing the fuel cell thing to interact with

  22. I tried, you can kind of see the ground under it. If I ever get stuck in this position again, I’ll try to dig deeper. I was worried the fuel cells would drop too.

  23. Yea you are probably right, I usually stick my supply pods close to the drop pod, guess I'll have to space em out more haha

  24. It was fairly close to the satellite array, and usually the fuel cells drop away from that, so I didn’t expect an issue. Was pretty bummed because this mission took a while. And I’m trying to level up my gunner a bit.

  25. Don't forget about the time that he single handedly killed a penalty against the Flyers.

  26. To be fair, it was only against the Flyers. But Seider is my new favorite player. He’s a beast. And to pile on to a previous comment, threw Crosby around, so that always adds points.

  27. The Love Guru hits different if you’re from Toronto. It’s the only way most of us will ever see the Maple Leafs win a Stanley Cup. It’s fantasy fulfillment fr.

  28. You’ll always have Rick Jeanneret, the best announcer in the NHL, though.

  29. “Top shelf where momma hides the cookies!” He’s great, but I punish myself by liking a different dumpster fire… Flyers.

  30. If he can play a bass solo with his dick, he gets my vote.

  31. If Gretzky was 18 right now, he’d be training just like kids now. He would dominate the league because no one saw the game the way he did. Add that to today’s conditioning, you have an even better Gretzky!

  32. That’s not the scenario. We’re talking a clone of an 18 y/o Wayne Gretzky.

  33. He wouldn’t be enhanced, but an 18 year old would only need a couple months to get his conditioning on par with everyone else. His hockey IQ is already greater than everyone else’s. If he’s playing in an era that encourages skill over power, and protects him from the clutching and grabbing he played against, he will still dominate!

  34. Great watch every time! My favorite: “You think you hate this place more than me? I WORK HERE!” Glad to be out of retail.

  35. I got a rib rake from like the second dancing grandma I killed. Hell, I only killed her because the dog attacked, then they all reacted. I didn’t realize it was rare.

  36. Fortified, was a pulp-50’s scifi game with the same gameplay loop. Not as good, but still pretty fun with friends.

  37. Tower defence/ 3rd person crossover - have you played brutal legend? It's pretty cool

  38. Brutal Legend, while great, is a real time strategy/3rd person adventure game. Not exactly tower defense. But I wholeheartedly endorse Brutal Legend !

  39. The Satelite of Love! If you’re looking for in depth reasons you should probably just relax.

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