1. So with the Divinity nerf now putting the gun in a place where you will use it only when ease of crit shots are of higher necessity than the damage reduction given. Are they going to go back and fix the location of the Divinity bubble to make it usable in boss fights where the Divinity bubble is in a terrible location. Like Warpriest, Sisters, Caretaker and The Sanctified Mind.

  2. Honestly, if it does Microsoft would probably make more money. It's a way for them to monetize the Sony console user base to their own ends. Microsoft literally makes money from Sony's copies of Minecraft for example.

  3. But they would make more money from people buying their consoles, game services and the game if it was exclusive.

  4. You make way more money on software than hardware. People gotta stop thinking "Xbox exclusive" and start recognizing MS's stuff as "Gamepass exclusives". Like I use Gamepass on my iPad.

  5. Most people will justify their hardware purchases by buying more software. Exclusives sell hardware which sells more software.

  6. No, I thought I found it but it was lvl 30, the other one must have sold in my vendor

  7. With Tarrabah you can shoot your own ice wall grenades to activate the perk at the start of the match, just roll into the very first gunfight with Ravenous Beast active

  8. I've been trying to replicate this and it's not working at all.

  9. I have those but I wasn't aware jet made it's way into Fallout 76

  10. Damn, I was hoping it was Psychobuff or Psychotats you wanted, those I have alot of.

  11. Is there anything else you might be after aside from the Bloodied 25 Ffr 15 fr lmg?

  12. Sorry for the late reply, the only other thing I would want is a Sacrificial Blade Plan

  13. I do but we both know that Fixer is worth 2 of those guns

  14. Me and my brother are getting this as well, restarting game or console does nothing


  16. +karma Thank you to you and your friend for the maps

  17. Furious and Executioners. Thats it, Furious can keep up damage wise against Junkies, AA and Two-Shot

  18. It should be equal in price to the White Powder Jumpsuit since it has the same drop rate

  19. Thats sounds like the most useless/worthless legacy ever

  20. the big one is, I think the blade not the dagger

  21. Correct, The Cultist Blade is legacy, Cultist Dagger still drops

  22. I sell the plans for 500 each, the individual pieces I sell for 200 each

  23. I’ll buy both :) any plans I’ll buy. But pieces I only need from the title. Add me RussianSpy13376

  24. Whatever he sells it for, you can buy it at a few different vendors now

  25. Well I see peple have explained how the karma system here works, just a reminder, the downvoting never stops no matter how long you have been here. So focus on your trade karma, thats what is important here.

  26. Hey, I'm online, is now a good tine for you?

  27. For those confused its photo shopped the bloody effect in game dosent say that it say dmg increases as health decreases

  28. Thats what the bloodied perk used to say before they updated to simpler text.

  29. I use it on my shotgun character, because each pellet has a chance of triggering the perk and I feel I never have to repair my shotguns

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