1. I'd say very, I've done mine 4 times I use thriva I'm in the UK I believe they use nhs labs also

  2. Are you taking any thyroid medication? How long does it take before it normalizes? i think I am hypo, waiting for results but I an wondering how long would it take the medication to work. Are you taking t4 only or t4 and t3?

  3. I've been on 100mcg for 10 years I take levothyroxine

  4. It's taken me 9 months to drop from 250 to 206 so I think you're doing just fine imo, I have hashimoto's which is a thyroid illness.

  5. If you can keep at this change for the rest of your life then that's good for you.

  6. We lose visceral fat first this is fat around our organs and is probably why you can't see any physical changes..

  7. I felt like the only person who can't masturbate the need for cock away I end up more frustrated too lol

  8. It's normal. I eat basically maintenance for 2 or 3 days near period then it stops and I drop back into my deficit never has any issues doing that yet.

  9. Just focus on aiming for 100g of protein a day this is what I do I hit from 100 to 135 daily on 1650cal it's enough.

  10. 15g of chia seeds will sort you out and lots of water, it's worth the calories.

  11. Everyone has this it's your artery lol

  12. Maybe you should get tested for hyperthyroidism because this isn't normal.

  13. Only join gym if you're ready for being consistent.

  14. I did go for walks but I don't know why I stopped, I need to get back into the habit of going out walking more often again

  15. Definitely build up the habit even if you start with 10 minutes per day, I find having a watch like fitbit or garmin good to track your estimated steps it's part motivating lol

  16. i'm drinking a lot of water, but now that you mention i haven't had proper bowel movements for a while. I'll increase my fiber intake

  17. Down (15g) of chai seed every morning this will make you regular basically daily drink a lot of water in the day.

  18. i am lifting weights but isn't it weird that i'm at the same weight for a week and a half?

  19. No. I'm 6 weeks into lifting and no weight change but have seen a body change.

  20. Yes, I walk everyday I lift weights 3x per week I also have a 16 month old.

  21. For belly and love handles you gotta do fasted cardio. Sometimes the belly is last to go. Light or intense cardio on empty stomach is best to get rid of belly. When you wake up don't eat anything, just drink water and go do light cardio for an hour then after that eat something healthy.

  22. I’m not on it anymore. I did the depo shot and gained like 15-20 pounds and went off it asap and now I’m trying to lose that weight and I’m scared even now that I’m off it I won’t be able to lose it.

  23. I was on depo shot for 1.5 years gained about 2 stone it's a steroid so it increases your hunger (for some people) you will lose the weight if you try

  24. Incorrect. I lost 75 pounds with an illness that messes with my metabolism if not medicated correctly (hashimoto's) I kept the weight off for 3 years before I got pregnant. I was eating 1900/2000 cal per day at maintenance lol

  25. YET AGAIN, illness for one of the 150lb people is NOT a variable in the HYPOTHETICAL example

  26. I'm just saying I was able to eat back at my normal maintenance AFTER I lost my weight AND with a illness.. so your point is completely invalid.

  27. I know something that's free it's a calorie deficit and to most people's amazement it works well if instructions are followed correctly

  28. I'd start lifting weights and eating more protein

  29. It purely helps people get moving more nothing else, it's still down to how much you're eating per day or week

  30. But don't go to the gym to just lose fat.. go to build muscles and feel good then use walking to help burn more calories It's one of the best exercises we can do and it's free

  31. This is the reminder I needed, 110% worth the calories for a good shit

  32. Calorie deficit is best on the market

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