1. Kötünün iyisi. Bari Ümit Özdağ "Türk" diyebiliyor. Diğer parti liderlerinden duymadık hiç. Ayrıca 13 milyon kaçak ve sığınmacı gidecekse biraz sineye çekilir.

  2. To very democratic country who constantly bombing Yemen for no reason.

  3. -> They are granted citizenships without any language req with "exceptional citizenship" law. Which they are not matching conditions to do.

  4. so i assume if a syrian in turkey is working then you would be ok with it right? or is he still called an immigrant while you call yourself an expat?

  5. expat or skilled immigrant, whatever. let's say skilled immigrant. Requirement to get temporary/permanent visa through getting job, relocating etc is very different than just passing the border and live in cities, doing unregistered labor. Very few Syrians have proper skilled immigrant job. Majority of them selected by EU countries already.

  6. If enough Russians move to Finland you just know Russia would eventually use it as an excuse to annex parts of their country.

  7. That was the British excuse to invade Turkey once upon a time.

  8. Easy abortion access is making women irresponsible about their actions.

  9. Yes. As a person from Balkan part of Turkey, I have had many Bosnia descendant friends at school, at neighbourhood. We always get emotional(extremely furious) when Srebrenitsa massacres are mentioned. Many Turks see Bosnians, espeically Balkan Turks, as cultural part of us.

  10. Kaldı ki muhalefetin planına göre seçilen cumhurbaşkanı tamamen bir piyon olarak görev yapıp kendi ayağına sıkacak. Meralin başbakan olacağım demesini ergen kitle bir türlü anlamıyor başkanlık sistemi seçilen son başkan ile tamamen rafa kaldırılırıp çöpe atılacak ve seçilen başkan da siyasi hayatını o noktada bitirecek. Haliyle kk den kurtulmak isteyen çok duyarlı muhalif kitle kkye oy verip seçimden 2 3 yıl sonra ondan tamamen kurtulabilir.

  11. Thanks for warning. I was excited that at least some people working on it effectively.

  12. Turkey will be a huge refugee camp soon but you can continue to call it a racist and genocidal state 🤣

  13. ceramic cups and mugs etc, handmade copper crafting if you can have access the locations, carpets, any kind of jewellery.

  14. What's funny is 500k in savings is an absolute waste. It shows she doesn't understand money or she has a spending problem

  15. That’s what Amazon does. They pront on demand. That’s why it’s cheaper and more convenient

  16. Who are "we" in this sentence? I'm assuming you mean Turkey? Does the word genocide ring a bell? What about multiple genocides?

  17. Greeks massacred approximately 7 millions people in Greece, Balkans and islands starting from 1820 to early 1900s, majority of them are Turks but literally Muslim regardless of ethnicity and other people. Bulgars, Albanians, Macedons etc. Literally removed many villages completely from maps.

  18. You kinda nazi-style brutally conquered, and sent colonists. Once upon a time.

  19. At least we didn't slaughter unarmed soliders, kids and women. Your churches are lying you.

  20. Ayinesi iştir kişinin lafa bakılmaz. Yığ silahları adalara, tahrik edici hareketler yap. Bizi kızdırdıktan sonra biz barış istiyoruz. Ya bsg beolmmm.

  21. but is it worth it? the job timings would be Turkey time 3 pm- 12 pm (American 9 am - 5 pm). Also if you know about any apartment buying/renting app or website which is most reliable in Turkey, please let me know!

  22. As Turkish person, I won't suggest it. Money transfer and internet connection, depends on location, might be huge pain.

  23. Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Dubai seems to be the options available.

  24. Turkey accepts them but not as refugee. 90 days tourists. Same goes for Ukranians.

  25. Bizde kardeş katli vaciptir. Suudlar ona göre kendini korusun.

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