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  1. There was this bit where she got a kidney from her friend, but refused to acknowledge her friend's donation and they had a huge falling out over it. People thought Selena was being insensitive and rude about it.

  2. iirc she had publicly thanked her several times, and all seemed to be well until she made a post about how taylor swift was one of her only friends in “the biz” for a long time. That girl, who acts, was offended and said something about it and unfollowed her and stuff.

  3. Are there other news organizations in the city? As a bureau reporter, I hang with the other station’s bureau reporters and the local paper’s cops and crimes reporter. We’re about the same age, we’ll go to a bar and complain about the sources who blow us off each week and compliment each others stories.

  4. I used to be a ballet dancer and honestly the benefits far outweigh any downsides imo. You get flexibility, strength, an amazing perceived length in your limbs, great posture, and if anything will give you a snatched waist it's ballet.

  5. Wide or narrow are both typically fine. Whether your feet will get a little messed up is actually whether you can properly stand on the "box" of your pointe shoe. So that has to do with whether you have high arches and have a more straight line in your foot when you stand in tip toe.

  6. interesting! So you’d want a higher arch to get more of a curve when en pointe? And yeah i doubt ill ever be en pointe. I haven’t danced since i was a child, but i’ve considered taking it up as a hobby in the past few years. i have such fond memories 💖

  7. Mine is Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf, I have a sweeter personality and I bought a vanilla lotion (from EOS) to couple with it so I’ll let you know how that smells! :) This is my day to day scent.

  8. I love flowerbomb too!!! I love the bottle so much, and it smells amazing. And i love the vanilla oil they had as an underscent or whatever

  9. I don’t remember having problems! If you’re in a college town, they probably expect it anyway. But if you’re feeling some imposter syndrome, college newspapers are so important. I can’t find the exact article i read (i think it was several years ago,) but some publication mentioned how oftentimes college newspapers are able to break news no one else notices/can publish. This article talks about how important they were during the start of covid:

  10. The thing is that I don't even work for a college newspaper, I'm just doing this for an in-class assignment. That's the part that makes me feel all impostor-syndromey

  11. Gotcha. Well ofc its still important to learn your skills, but if you wanted, you could submit it to the school paper and ask if it could be published? Or even a local paper too. Its still important even if you dont submit it, but youll probably feel like you’re serving the community more when people see what you write.

  12. Amazon has lockers you can have stuff delivered too, but I think they're the only one

  13. if you’re gonna put all that work into an edit, don’t you wanna make it more symmetrical, too?

  14. Rice water is supposed to be good for your hair as a rinse, and some people use it as a toner.

  15. beans and rice together can probably help address the hair fallout too

  16. Yes! Just avoid letting your cats near it and over-watering at all costs

  17. my cats are obsessssed! yall are over here talking about trimming meanwhile ill never get to see what mine looks like grown out cause lil whiskers takes a bite out once a week

  18. I can’t even tell which one of the botched family she is anymore

  19. i didn’t even realize who she was till i read this!!

  20. I’ve got two lines from T-Mobile. Same setup as you’re proposing, one number for personal use the other for work.

  21. Thank you!! Yeah, i was wondering if that might be a better idea. Just the idea of physically putting away the business line is very tempting!

  22. Apple’s implementation of two lines on the same phone is a mess.

  23. well they all have androids for their second phone 😂😂😭😭

  24. i was just thinking of doing a mad men set! i was looking at some of peggy’s patterned clothing. I love this though! It kinda makes me think of Joan. What was your inspo?

  25. this is what I use! And it worked, for the record. Cavities are gone :)

  26. My dentists has me buy $15 toothpaste and not spit. I'm just now learning I could go back to buying my $3 toothpaste and get the same effect?!

  27. I also have expensive toothpaste! My dentist prescribed it cause i was growing cavities but they werent too far gone yet (the enamel could still grow back). Heres what I do at night: I floss, then swish with water. Then I brush my tongue and quickly go over the teeth with a cheap toothpaste. I rinse after that. Then I use the expensive toothpaste and dont rinse or drink water for 30 min.

  28. i learned to put it in the freezer… freezer got full so quick 🥲

  29. I feel the pain with it. It’s hiding underneath the fountain. It’s more like you can feel the bumps if you touched.

  30. i feel ya there… i have two that popped up on my chin overnight and theyre not noticeable yet but i know theyll be huge in a day or two

  31. Ok buy a intake filter sponge so he won’t get sucked into the filter. And for food get blood worms and crush them up (like a lot) and just feed him a small big and as he gets bigger start feeding him more. Once he is almost completely no longer transparent start feeding him crushed up flakes (or whatever you normally feed your adult fish) once he is an about an inch long (or till you are sure he will not fit in the others mouths you move him into the main tank.(this will take a few months. Mine are over 2 months old and still too small for the main tank)

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