1. Well they just weren’t godly enough, obviously.

  2. I changed my name because I PICKED my husband. My father's name was not one I wanted for myself or to pass on to my daughter.

  3. Me too! Also my last name had become stigmatized by my uncle who worked in local politics and broke the law. Didn’t want to be associated any more.

  4. This is slightly unrelated, but I find it funny, so I’m going to share it. I had a friend who had a baby with a guy who went by a different last name than his legal last name.

  5. Y’all, if you feel sick then PLEASE stay home from work and keep your kids home from school. I beg of you.

  6. Especially if you are sick but isolating from your family. YOU SHOULD ALL STAY HOME ANYWAY. Don’t send your kid to school when you have a positive covid test!

  7. That’s super for you! I know someone who isolated as soon as they were showing symptoms, kept sending their kid to school, and a couple days later the kid started showing symptoms. So. Not the same for everyone!

  8. I’ve tried this with my mom so many times but no matter the topic I change to she always brings it back to politics. It’s to the point that I haven’t seen her in months because it was just mentally exhausting being around her.

  9. I've heard this excuse many times in the past. Single mothers make violent sons... but there's no criticism for the fathers who left. They won't mention the amount of mass shooters that also had fathers in their lives, some of whom were toxic asf and promoted the hatred that caused the mass shooting.

  10. My husband was raised by a narcissistic void of a mother and an absent alcoholic father who pulled a gun on his family on his best days.

  11. Say you’re into tantric sex or something,they will leg it, if they complain say they asked if you were spiritual.

  12. “My Bible is the Kama sutra.”

  13. I find honesty works really well. "Thanks for the invite, very kind of you, but I'm not a Christian and don't attend. Thanks though!"

  14. wtf he said yes and she roasted him with her no. if she didn't want to be with him why is she so obsessed with him

  15. As a pregnant woman who is currently cold, I would wear this and not leave my bed. But only if there were pockets for snacks. It’s basically a comforter.

  16. I am actually worried of my son finding out from someone else before we have a chance to tell him. I don't want him to resent not being told, but I don't want him to go through your confusion and heartbreak either. I'm so sorry you had to process all that at such a young age.

  17. I think you should ignore these other commenters asking why you need to tell your son. I had a stillborn baby and a second trimester miscarriage, my son was too young to remember either, but he sees the urns on my nightstand and has asked. I’ve been waiting for him to ask, we have other things around our house to acknowledge our losses, and I’ve prepared myself to explain.

  18. Personally I think his hateful parents shamed him into becoming this way and he now just lives in this state of hateful self-loathing. It’s sad.

  19. This is my vote. How much of his current self is influenced by his dad?

  20. I want to know how people sit on toilet for more than 1-2 mins at a time. I have never understood the hour long shits.

  21. As a pregnant woman who is currently constipated, it took me 35 minutes the other day. I even had to take my shirt off I was sweating trying to poop. Felt like giving birth a little.

  22. There’s some chick I know who claims they have better immune systems since they stopped vaccinating and yet her kids are always sick 🤪

  23. My SIL says this. “My kids never got the flu when I stopped getting them the flu shot.”

  24. And your opinion matters just as much as Austin’s.

  25. Huh. That’s interesting. I’ve been checking the prices of the toys I’m going to buy on and off for a few months, and only today are some of them discounted. Weird.

  26. If that ever happens again, leave, right in the middle of her stupid comment about not being able hold him blah blah blah. Just go. Tell her she's being really childish and you don't plan to spend your evening hearing her whine about not being able to get your kid sick. Buh bye.

  27. This is called setting boundaries. “I’ve already said I’m going to hold the baby. We can move on or I can leave.”

  28. Except they aren’t even protecting the unborn baby. I can’t get proper maternity care where I live in the south. They’re just controlling and punishing women.

  29. 100%. If we had proper prenatal care in America there would be fewer instances of miscarriage and stillborn death.

  30. Um, can I be your family? My mouth is absolutely watering.

  31. Morrrrrrgan. We have the same amount of time on our hands as SAHM’s. Actually, you have more because my toddler doesn’t nap anymore.

  32. I’ve found my kids do not want to play alone in their rooms - 7 and 2.5. They want to be near me. That means the living room.

  33. 100% agree. If it doesn’t look like your kids live there, why did you have kids??

  34. When the hell would she have the time

  35. Toooo be fair, I say dumb cringy shit like this all the time.

  36. It bothers me to no end when houses with kids in them don’t look like kids are allowed there. Your home should be a safe space for your family if you choose to have one (including pets AND PLANTS), not a fucking museum.

  37. I'm no expert but I've never heard of anyone dying from a tattoo. Can't say the same for pregnancy and giving birth.

  38. Hey! Can confirm! Almost died from a miscarriage, but have three tattoos and haven’t died from that yet!

  39. Wait I can do this in three steps.

  40. My brother recently took his family to South Dakota on vacation. Could have gone anywhere in the continental US, and they went to South Dakota.

  41. The Corn Palace! Wall Drug!!!

  42. Oh wow, Wall Drug. That took me back.

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