Man prevents little girl from colliding with pole

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  1. Shit stop reminding me of all the good ones ahhhgggggg 😂

  2. Also "Love Us Again". I love his unreleased music😂

  3. That one was good but I feel glimpse of us took over that track to be more sad

  4. Of course. That's why he released Glimpse Of Us. Ones like Hold My Blood, FTC, and Love Us Again have sad undertones, but they're not straight up depressing like his released music.

  5. As horrible as this is, I think you should keep telling yourself that he did what a dog will always do. Ask yourself this. "If someone robbed my house, would I be disappointed if my dog didn't use his instincts to stop the robber from stealing anything?". The answer would most likely be yes. What your dog did in this situation was just very unfortunate for you, but there could be a time when your dog uses his instincts to protect you. So, keep being there for him and keep on giving him the usual love you give him. Of course, it will take time to forgive him, but I hope you can move on from this. It must be really difficult to be in this situation.

  6. None are legit mate. I used to order from the Netherlands up until Brexit. I use them to treat Cluster Headaches every year. Believe me, I’ve searched high and low. I ended up in the fields last year foraging for liberty caps. Pain or the fear of it is a great motivator lol

  7. Same here. I used to order from and, but the last time I ordered from, I got a letter from Customs saying that they siezed my parcel and if I tried to question why they siezed them, they'd be taking me to court, so I just left it and learned my lesson. It sucks not being able to order any Magic Truffles anymore. Luckily, I know someone that can get me some Shrooms.

  8. It’s never been better since I shifted exclusively to casual relationships only. You get all of the benefits, yet none of the headaches.

  9. I've got a question. You say you like casual relationships, because you get all of the benefits, yet none of the headaches, but how can you have a casual relationship (I assume you mean just hooking up with them) and also want children in the future?

  10. I meant to highlight the risks of choosing a marriage/kids over casual relationships, but to your point I may want children eventually but it would have to be done without marriage and little risk of losing them (and of course a partner who would be cool with both)

  11. I agree with that as well. Marriage for men is more of a risk now than it has ever been. Mainly because women have more rights now. What Feminists don't seem to understand is that, when a guy says that, he's not actually being misogynistic. It's just the truth. This is why the marriage rates are decreasing as time goes on. I just asked you that question out of curiosity.

  12. How's that messed up? I really don't see anything wrong with this. I think it depends on if they're mutually following other people. If not and she just searched for his profile, then yeah that's weird.

  13. Haha yeah I called my uncle a fudge packer... I thought South Park made that insult up and had no idea what it meant lmao 😂

  14. Here's a fun story about Fudge Packer. I used to work in a warehouse packing fudges and I put on my CV "Fudge Packer". I got an email from the company I applied for saying "We find your CV to be insulting". I didn't understand why at all. I even posted on the town Facebook page because I generally thought they were having me on. Needless to say, I made a lot of people's day that day and a few people thought I knew all along what the definition of a Fudge Packer was.

  15. Just read the lyrics. The fucking audacity of this man. Dump him, Sis.

  16. He obviously knows what it means. Glimpse Of Us doesn't have a catchy beat. It's literally just Joji's voice and a piano.

  17. As disrespectful as this is to you, if he intended it to be because of the meaning of that song, this guy has an impeccable music taste.

  18. use qr code stickers instead of a sharpie

  19. My wife and I met by chance driving down the road. Fate had a big play in this. I never stayed late at work but got hung up. My truck had super dark tint and I had my window half down. She was with a friend driving to a baseball game. I look over at a red light and see the beautiful woman smiling at me a waving and saying something. (Her window was up so she was talking to the glass). Her friend who was driving looks over and I knew her from high school. They roll the window down and ask if I wanted to go to a Cardinals game. I said I was broke. They had an extra ticket. I told them to follow me to my apartment that was 1 stop light up so I could shower.

  20. What I find incredible about stories like this is that even if you would've done something slightly different, like I don't know, not leave work for another minute or you had to go to a shop before going home, this wouldn't have happened. I know I'm just stating the obvious, but I don't think a lot of people think about it like this.

  21. You know when Kendrick Lamar said "Take it off"? I think he was referring to whatever that is on your head.

  22. OP, ignore the ridiculous comments about Aspergers😂 Redditors smh.

  23. This posts really encapsulates on it many reasons why I absolutely despise redditors such as yourself, no matter how aware you are about how much this website sucks.

  24. Dude, what the fuck are you talking about? Read my comment again.

  25. Series like this aren't made without taking massive influence from true stories

  26. I can guarantee, to the point where I'd bet everything I have on it, that I am rather far along the autistic spectrum (I have all the classic male symptoms). As it is genetic, likely my siblings all suffer it too, and I wouldn't mind betting my parents both do too (none of us have ever been checked for it). But my sister and I are functional people and my brother is virtually incapable. The difference is he's always been mollycoddled and relied on others to do things for him. So while mental health can be a factor, and while everyone's symptoms or life with mental health is different, some people are just fucking useless too. And indeed mental health issues can be a symptom of their life, not their lives being a symptom of their health

  27. Well said. I agree 100%. There's a lot of Neurotypical people that are more incapable of a lot of things than people with mental health issues. Being on the Autism spectrum has its downsides, but a lot of people on the Spectrum, like you said, are high functioning and are also very intelligent people. They might lack in social skills, but some of the most well known billionaires in the world are on the Autism spectrum because of areas that they're strong in, such as being able to think outside the box, knowing how to design things that the average person wouldn't even begin to fathom, etc.

  28. When I was referring to the well known people that are on the Autism spectrum, I was just referring to their intelligence and not so much anything else like a large majority of them being psychopaths. Most of, if not all of, the world leaders / biggest business owners are psychopaths, Autistic or not Autistic.

  29. She’s an entitled woman who grew up thinking she’s the prize. She is not the prize. The prize is the union of 2 people spending life together. Her priorities are fucked.. please move on for your sake

  30. That cats she has when she's in her 30's will be the "prize"

  31. No. And i honestly find it kind of ridiculous we even have these discussions and conversations.

  32. This is exactly how I see it as well. Well said.

  33. So, it's fine for people to believe in a God, but as soon as someone mentions Extraterrestrials, it's "I want whatever you're smoking"? Seems like a bit of a double standard.

  34. Don’t tone it down unless it’s socially inappropriate. I learned that the hard way. I used to work in a covid lab and I was often put in charge of training people who were new hires. People said they loved my teaching style but lots of people said behind my back that I was just really cold and mean. My sarcasm was so advanced they thought I was just a jerk and didn’t find me funny. It’s hard. 😥

  35. It probably depends on where you go. Some gyms aren't in towns or cities.

  36. I already work out, but going to the gym is like torture to me, far too many people. And talkative people at that.

  37. So, go when it's not busy? The gym isn't always busy, you know?

  38. I usually say “D*cks” to get a laugh🤷‍♂️

  39. Just make sure the other person definitely hears the "s", otherwise you might get a funny look.

  40. Date: "So, why are you looking for a relationship?"

  41. Bro if you're normal height like 5'8+ then that's pretty depressing. All you gotta do is be extroverted stop being shy as fuck be charming be hot and you got mad pussy. Well it also depends on how ugly you are but just by the sole fact if u are tall there is no reason why you should of never had a gf

  42. "If you are tall there is no reason why you should have never had a girlfriend". Height really isn't the be all end all. There's some extremely unconfident and unattractive 6ft+ guys out there. I just found your comment a bit strange, just because I don't think someone is guaranteed to have definitely had a girlfriend based on this one feature.

  43. All I can say is, you clearly don't know the difference between an incel and a misogynist. You were downvoted by someone else for that reason alone.

  44. I have mainly 2 types but there can be a lot of variation in my playlist

  45. In response to the second paragraph of your comment, if you haven't already heard of him, check out Joji's music. I think you'd love it.

  46. Society needs an overhaul. All of the bs people are absorbing on tiktok is not healthy.

  47. I completely agree that society needs an overhaul, but I don't really understand how the first thing you think of when it comes to this is how bad TikTok is. I mean, I could literally name 100 more important reasons as to why society needs an overhaul.

  48. Pointing to a direction with your lips.

  49. I didn't even know this was a thing (I'm English).

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