LPT During times of war, inflation, people have been encouraged to build themselves a small garden. This lowers a family's cost of food during the war, and prevents shortages. Having a victory garden in 2022 could be a great idea for your home, even an apartment, to lower the rising cost of food.

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  1. That is what i was thinking. I have them out already for another small job with a crack in a sprinkler line (pressure side) and was thinking since the gate valve wasn't closing all the way to have that replaced as well.

  2. I want to know in a year who is working at Q18...

  3. Sure why not. I have no idea how many days in you are and the pictures don't really help much on their own. But you seem like you wanna chop, so go for it. You learn by doing.

  4. Sorry the pics are not great. She was flipped begininning of February. The last few days i have been removing a handful of fully discolored leaves almost every day.

  5. Love the look. Where are you located and what type of wood?

  6. Time to sell it to the highest bidder and use the money to help Ukraine.

  7. The problem is, the largest bidder will be a family member for one ruble higher...

  8. Broken ribs. You would never inagine the number of muscles needed to sit up, sit, turn.....

  9. Looked at a previous picture and she was the size of a small clone from a seed on Nov 12

  10. Nov 12th? Did you switch to 12/12 this year or last year?

  11. Anyone else notice the cross goes off the wall and a few years later is back on the wall.

  12. This should be shittylifetips. Growing a garden, even small usually doesnt offset too many of the costs after you take in the cost of the pots, seeds, soil, watering, and time. I agree growing a garden is great but everytime i have ever grown a garden it costs more to setup than what it produces.

  13. Bro you can save like $12 with only 10 hours of work, how do you not like that?

  14. Not disagreeing in the slightest. But saying that because you're #1, no one else is capable is dishonest.

  15. France does make some damn fine bread though...let's be honest

  16. Pin this. Click bait post. 2 days ago.

  17. I honestly dont even remember when i started her. I think i did the veg a little too long. I forget how full she gets on the turn.

  18. If I had even a house like that here everyday a crackhead would be in it

  19. I do love the property. Not too much but enough to keep me busy.

  20. My ladies are jealous they’re inside a tent and calling for more snow over here than Nelly’s got inches.

  21. I wish she would have to stay inside. We need the rain so bad here.

  22. I think i will take the black one instead...

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