1. Im trying to be there this winter - been to a whole bunch of cool US National/State Parks but haven’t made it to our states most beautiful place. I already know it’s worth the drive

  2. That's great info! As her family we are running out of ideas to help but anything can help we last heard of her going through a psychological medical issue and we are just running out of ideas. Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

  3. I don’t mean to be unhelpful but have you filed your report? Do you still think she’s in the dfw area? I hope she is found soon



  6. Idk but it’s the one thing scaring me off of AA. I don’t want to be told I have to surrender to a higher power. I have my own beliefs and they’re very personal to me. I don’t like sharing that with strangers.

  7. Fuck it - I’ll call the woman in a planned parenthood parking lot hotline on myself. Maybe they can help me with my emergency bladder infection, cause that shit hurts man :(

  8. You’ll be working with functional alcoholics and might become one yourself due to job pressure.

  9. I like the dart! I just wish I could go from white rock area to places like bishop arts and love field without it taking 3x the drive time. It’s great if you’re trying to get to downtown though.

  10. I just bought some out of nostalgia after using it years ago and I just love how it smells and how my skin feels afterwards.

  11. I love ponds! I just wish it didn’t make me break out. Are there other alternative cold cream cleansers that y’all use? It’s such a nice feeling on the skin.

  12. He was later arrested and is now in jail awaiting charges.

  13. Lower the weight before you hurt your spine. Go watch Alan Thralls video on how to deadlift. There are quite a number of things that are super concerning that you’re doing. Rounding the heck out of your back, jerking the bar up without using leg drive. Just general setup issues. Please go back to basics and even take notes after you watch Alan Thrall explain it.

  14. I don’t understand why I should go from a wfh to one that’s not just because some recruiter is bent out of shape. The world learned a lot from sending us all home, and I don’t think it’s going to go back to what it was before.

  15. Only half has jalapenos. Clearly the other half is for her

  16. If you’re looking to quit try NAC for withdrawals it’s got some data & plausible mechanisms behind it

  17. It’s also an incredible antioxidant all around

  18. As someone who likes men and has dated a few long term, I guarantee this is going into the long term funny bank with the way she’s laughing 😂 there’s just something so endearing and fucking hilarious seeing a grown man do something like this. Goofiness can be a great quality sometimes

  19. How much would someone need to be paid to be willing to be a scab? I’m not saying I would scab but I’m curious to see other people prices.

  20. A scab is never long term. That’s the thing. Scabs are traitors to the striking profession and will be booted eventually when a strike resolves.

  21. Wow that's pretty damn nice pay for a tech. Most techs hardly make more than a burger flipper a McD's

  22. You’re a scab though if you take this offer, so it will never be tenable long term.

  23. I drove by a little after and was shocked that only the trucker died. God bless them….

  24. We've spoken about this before and she was fine with me registering the business and owning it outright; she was just happy to help and us doing something together. It's obviously changed now.

  25. So she just trusted you with ownership and now it sounds like you don’t want her to be an equal partner. What’s the point for her putting in work then? Sounds like there isn’t one.

  26. Not a library, but Old Parkland has the grand architectural hallmarks you would enjoy. It’s a former hospital that serves as a business center. There are academia/think-tank/conference oriented spaces there and you may find a spot amenable to public use.

  27. Can you tour this area or walk around? I’ve always driven by and wanted to go in

  28. So moving the goods to consumer got more expensive. They profit. But then getting the goods as a consumer got more expensive. This seems like an equation that can’t be spun in their favor PR wise. Pay your people accordingly.

  29. I’ve been loving poached lately :) mmm. But I also love scrambled with sautéed veggies!

  30. I love the glute drive machine for that very reason! I just started using it the other week and man it’s definitely harder for me.

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