Texas school district locked down on reports of shooter

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Shell consultant quits, says company causes ‘extreme harm’ to planet

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  1. Depends on the strain. It's actually helped save my life and come to terms with the world as it is and feeling like I matter and can make a difference.

  2. I'm sorry you are so sad. :( By 2030 Grand theft auto 6 will be out. AGI should be achieved by then. But even if it's not, current and future Ai language models will likely have been applied for all sorts of things such as, cheap/free Ai life coaches, cheap/free Ai therapists that are nearly as good as real therapists or better, quality Ai customer service, and highly accurate translation so you can make friends with people around the world, and possible video game characters so you could talk to the characters inside a video game such as going into a tavern in a fantasy game and having a long conversation with a gnome about meaning of life which leads to them joining your party to go explore the forbidden forests, or something like that.

  3. what would playing grand theft auto 6 be like in a world where AGI exists?

  4. i wonder why the CIA would even bother revealing that

  5. They’re the CIA, once something cools off they occasionally do release pertinent information of the investigation that doesn’t compromise intelligence, and they’re studious note takers and accountants. I think someone in the agency compiled an exhaustive list of his software and books and movies, and wanted (or less likely was legally compelled by someone petitioning) to disclose it.

  6. Lake Shore Drive. create a new waterfront walking plaza

  7. Are they actually capable of hurting each other?

  8. i thought maybe they were trying to pop each other’s throat sacks

  9. i guess dalle’s reality exists only inside the square

  10. i can't believe more people aren't talking about this

  11. This is just a storm drain which goes straight to a pond. No sewage goes down, only clean water. The pond is quite clean. I have no idea what type of leech this is and I hope to never see it again.

  12. submission statement: google announced yesterday a new program that can create images from text prompts, allegedly more convincing than DALLE 2. For now though, google isn’t releasing the program or the code, due to the potential negative societal impacts

  13. there’s just too much potential profit involved for all of these companies to hold back on a public release because of “moral concerns”

  14. Unfortunately, it seems that very few people give a shit about what this will do to potentially millions of creatives. They are too amazed and distracted by the magical images these things are creating.

  15. it’s wild to be how this technology isn’t making the headlines, it feels like no one is noticing

  16. Any thoughts on this since paLM came out?

  17. Hopefully Google will invite external testers, so that there can be a community. (and independent testing)

  18. i wonder what word people will invent to describe these ai images now that there is competition

  19. Don’t worry another company will build in equivalent very soon. This will be pervasive. Graphic designers and stock photographers are about to be completely out of work.

  20. it’s like pandora’s box. once it’s opened, there’s no going back

  21. i feel like it has to be this year. the product is essentially complete from what i’ve seen and so i can’t imagine why they would wait another year to release something that’s ready to go, from a business standpoint. the longer they wait to release, the more time competitors have to catch up

  22. go to the nearest thrift store and you can buy a new pair for like three dollars

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