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  1. If you 'set the table' they'll gravitate towards the set spots first

  2. what does setting the table consist of? or is it an option once they’re done cooking?

  3. I think it comes with parenthood, but it's an option if you click on the table.

  4. ohhhh thank you. i don’t own parenthood so that makes sense as to why i have never seen that option.

  5. your game is SO smooth. you can literally see their every move. excellent song choice btw.

  6. update on whether they were dried out or not?😂

  7. gosh i can’t believe that exists

  8. "that day she discovered her entire reality is a matrix programmed game and she's only porpoise in life is to entertain a humanoid creature from another reality "

  9. hahaha this was very well written

  10. thank you for asking this. i was lost also.

  11. why didn’t i see this coming

  12. also apart of this club. thanks for making me feel better about it.

  13. you look beautiful in them and the dresses are perfect for you. also, as a pink lover myself i’m obsessed with your wall color. it’s so even and not overdone!

  14. my problem with sliders is that i never know how i want my sims to actually look and then they end up looking the same ;(

  15. ughh i can’t choose they’re both so pretty.😭 also, how do you get their cheeks to look like that? your sims are beautiful

  16. tysm! 🥰💞 It’s probably a cheek slider. I’ve uploaded the ones that I used to my

  17. as a lover of pink, i am obsessed with your dresser. but i love the whole room!!! the squishmallows have my heart <3

  18. they’re all so adorable but 1, 2, and 4 for me!

  19. how is your club so populated?? no one is ever at mine lol

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