1. i rewatched after hearing they edited it to make them look like bullies and they all actually got along, but the thing is.. the girls saying this are the ones who were doing the bullying lol? we have not actually heard this from heather yet. i liked a lot of the models from this cycle but i think they're aware it's aged like milk so they're famously blaming The Edit. we're well aware of how The Edit manipulates things but to sloppily quote laganja estranja girl you said what you said and you did what you did.

  2. Bullies always think they were ‘joking’ with you 😒

  3. Khloe looked her best in season 10. She looked good, just not the same as her sisters.

  4. My queen forever, the day I saw her in ram leela my life changed 😭😭😭😭

  5. Say it louder to those netflix Amazon audience here. They kept crying about people having fun

  6. Seriously this is the magic of going to the cinema, staying at home is convenient and comfortable but it’s just not the same imo.

  7. 🥰 all the people that said it would flop are crying somewhere

  8. Thank you!! It’s not that serious. I know a girl that went on reality tv 3 years ago and she still receives hate until today, death threats racist comments etc.

  9. I know someone who was on a show about 3 years ago as well and yeah some of the community still doesn't like her.

  10. And most of the time it’s for the most innocuous stuff/the result of manipulative editing.

  11. A lot of people moving into ‘temporary’ accommodation then…🫠

  12. You’re so pretty, you remind me of Lexi from Euphoria.

  13. Alot of fans noticed this. That's why fans think he is not in love with Cassie. He is with her because she is the societal acceptable version of Jules.

  14. Ooh! I never thought of it this way but you’re so right.

  15. She deserves it! There are a bunch of racists online (not here) saying she’s only getting recognition to meet a diversity quota which is BS. These people have clearly never watched the show. Zendaya is extremely talented.

  16. Wow I haven’t read something so stupid in a while.

  17. It got much deeper than that with Kylie & Kris in regards to stealing clothes. She was stealing clothes and bags and giving them to Jordyn. When confronted, Kylie got physical with her mom, and Kris ended up calling the police on her. Kim does think North is out of control. She’s considered her problem child and North is made aware of this and acts accordingly.

  18. Wait, what? I thought that was about Caitlyn stealing Kris’ clothes and wearing them secretly.

  19. There was a really high voted post saying they are glad people are suffering back when the gas prices were very high. I pointed out that people who are hurting are poor working class people just trying to survive and not the lifted pickup trucks they hate so much. Was downvoted hundreds of times lmao

  20. As a wheelchair user i absolutely detest that. There’s literally no way for me to get to many places without my car. Like, on the bus there’s no space, underground and overground both have stairs, can’t get an Uber…what else am I supposed to do 😒

  21. So I guess we can add people in wheelchairs to their list of people they hate. You keep doing you, we are better than them.

  22. LOL they are just so lacking in introspection. I will keep doing me 🚗

  23. LOL Canada and the US consistently do really badly in this segment 😭

  24. Miss Nigeria DID THAT. 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  25. If she's British it makes sense, literally anyone can give you lip fillers or Botox, there are basically no regulations.

  26. Girls in the uk go to eyebrow places to get their lips filled and are like 🫢 when it comes out botched. At this point you should know better…

  27. Lmaoooo jhanvi has some talent (I enjoyed good luck Jerry 🙈) and she seems humble, let her live

  28. Yeah I can’t see much if any similarities.

  29. The second quote…is that like…a psychological thing orrr?

  30. Omg, am i old? "Girls" was huge when it came out. Just realized it was 10 years ago

  31. Ooh so she’s tashi? I can’t imagine her as a tennis coach 😭

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