1. Requesting a code! I would be grateful to be able to shop this sale for the first time, thank you so much to all the kind souls who are sending them out!

  2. Thank you so much to those who are taking their time to send out codes! I would be grateful to receive one and shop this sale for the first time!

  3. I just got it a week ago. I'd say moisturizing for sure, and glowy on my skin which is normal with some hormonal acne.

  4. Thanks!! Would you say it's oily, or more that it disappears in to the skin?

  5. It's oily at first. I have doubts about people who say they use the right amount and then put makeup right over it. I feel like it needs 15 minutes to settle into my skin. I put it on right after my face dries from washing it in the morning without moisturizer because this already has hyaluronic acid. One pump looks like about a teaspoon of product, and it takes a little rubbing in to clear the white cast but it can really be massaged in without pilling. My face doesn't feel sticky or greasy but it's shiny for sure. I can put a face mask over it and I don't feel like it's soaking up excess product. All in all, it's the best mineral sunscreen I've tried, and I like it more than Elta MD, but you can't expect it to perform like a chemical SPF.

  6. Thank you so much, this is a really good review. I've definitely had trouble with pilling trying to use the correct amount of certain sunscreens so I'm glad to hear that's not an issue with this one!

  7. I mean, the list of products was spoiled in here in the sub thanks to the teaser video released by Sephora. You could see what you were getting before ordering.

  8. They annoyingly spoiled it a day or two after it became available for purchase, so anyone who bought it right when it became available didn't know what was included, and it was a nonrefundable purchase

  9. Well, they never spoiled the box last year, so I don't know why anyone would have expected that they could find out the contents if they waited. The boxes also sold out very quickly last year, so it made sense to buy right when they were released. Of course if you buy a mystery box you may be unhappy, but it was kind of an unfair situation.

  10. I selected that sample and didn't get it, I didn't even get a replacement sample. I only received one sample (the other one I had selected)

  11. I feel like often the offers in email don't actually start working until a day or two after

  12. They don't come sealed with tape, they just come in the box

  13. If you generally moisturize and it's just this new product causing the stinging, you're probably reacting to one of the ingredients and I would recommend not using it. If you haven't been moisturizing at all prior to using this product, your face could be stinging because your skin is dry. I would try using a very basic moisturizer like Cerave or Vanicream, if those don't cause you issues/stinging then you're definitely reacting to the Farmacy.

  14. Is I didn't already have one of the colors, I would be all over this! Used the red one before sunscreen for the beach, stayed all day!

  15. Oh that's a good tip! I never thought to put anything on under sunscreen

  16. I have them too and like them, but I feel they should have added them in category 4 not 3. The listed value is not that high and category 4 definitely needs more options

  17. oh no :( I wish I hadn't purchased already.. I was thinking I would like anything they could include from Danessa Myricks and Rare Beauty and that would make the box for me, but I don't want either of those products

  18. I just started getting emails every month after I attended an event. I feel like everyone is supposed to be notified, I'm not sure why it seems like some get the emails and some don't. You could always try emailing the sephora events email and ask to be put on the list?

  19. I actually want that tray lol! Looks like it would be good for fragrances/ hair clips etc.

  20. You actually can't apply the credit to your base subscription costs unfortunately. You will have to use it on sales/add-ons, or boosts, refills, and additional choices on a box you do get.

  21. Oh! I misread the rules. Thank you. Of course the total value of a box is usually more than spending on add-ons and other sales. I imagine you have to be very disappointed in the box itself to trade out. I think. 🤔

  22. Yeah definitely. If you're unsure, I would assign each item you choose a "for me" value, for example something you don't want at all and would donate as $0, other things at the price you would pay if you found them in a store/were buying a similar item, and add up the total to see if you would be getting at least as much value from the box in total as what you're paying.

  23. Same here. I can't decide, because they're all crappy options, and most of them don't have a high enough value to be category 1 items. I was going to do the shampoo/conditioner as well, thinking I'd at least use it, but I read that it leaves your hair greasy. I have super oily hair and that doesn't work for me. I had that experience with other "higher end" shampoos that don't lather, so I picture this set being the same.

  24. I haven't used this specific shampoo so I can't say anything about it, but I will suggest that for shampoos without silicones and sulfates, it can take your hair 3-6 washes to adjust if that's not what you were already using. So, some people will give negative reviews after one use when they actually didn't give their hair the opportunity to adjust and see the actual results.

  25. The west elm bowls were blue, these are actually the FFF house brand but completely modeled after the west elm ones

  26. That’s true, the pattern looks similar so I assumed it was just different lighting in the photo

  27. FFF advised in the forum the embroidery kits in the different categories are actually the exact same. They aren’t different as originally pictured.

  28. poop. I would have chosen the the one they aren't actually offering, it's so much cuter :/

  29. Oh, I know. It's just some rule they have. I'm not sure why.

  30. You definitely can, I've skipped before and can confirm. The only things you can't use the credit for are boost my box and refills for the box you're skipping, because you can't get either of those if you're not getting a box.

  31. The earrings are completely brass, you can find actual gold-plated earrings that look the same other places, for example Etsy, if you want to cut an add-on

  32. Rare and Rose do actually have gifts, I asked the events email and they confirmed

  33. Do you happen to know what the gift might be for Rose? I've never tried the brand but I don't use bronzer.

  34. They said "ROSE INC spa headband and deluxe size sample of Saie’s Glowy Super Gel in Starglow"

  35. Microfiber towels are great for curly hair. They absorb water while your hair sits in the towel so that it dries gently to avoid frizz, and they work very well when used like this. That said I get mine from Target and like the design a lot better, with an elastic to hold it together rather than a button

  36. I have stick straight, long, thin hair. Takes forever for my hair to dry with microfiber.🤪 I'll use it to keep my hair up & out of the way while I'm drying the rest of my bod. Then, I'll unwrap my hair & use my bath towel to finish drying my hair. 😁

  37. Lol I'm glad that works for you, if I used a bath towel on my hair it would be nightmare!

  38. I just reached out to Sephora chat, and was told this:

  39. I’m confused as to why the makeup digital events (Rare Beauty, Rose Inc. & Saie) don’t seem to have a gift included in the description. Has anyone inquired about that?

  40. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean my comment to come across as negative towards you, you’re great for sharing it here 🤗

  41. This made me want to puke. The worst bullies of the forum congregate in this thread called boom boom something something regulars so that’s where the FFF staff posts pertinent info that we’d all like to know? 🤮

  42. ew. tbh I don't know where this came from, I just downloaded the screenshot someone else posted in a new thread

  43. This is the attendee gift from the recent Danessa Myricks Sephora Digital Event (100 point reward redemption). Included are:

  44. Every time you post I get so excited because I know I'll get my gift 1-2 days later lol. This one looks so good!

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