Devastating news. Commander of Belarusian regiment in Ukraine "Brest" was killed during the harsh battle. 'Brest' was a true Belarusian patriot. This is a big loss for all of us. Several other Belarusian volunteer fighters are missing; several are taken hostage by Russians.

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Brest, commander of the Volat Battalion of the Belarusian "Kastus Kalinouski" Regiment, died heroically during the defense of Lisichansk. At least one other member of the battalion has been captured, and several others are still missing. ⬜️🟥⬜️ ГЕРОІ – НЕ ПАМІРАЮЦЬ! ГЕРОЯМ СЛАВА! 🟦🟨

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  1. Героі не паміраюць. Спачывай зь мірам, браце!

  2. LMFAO! I'm sure Arestovich is telling the complete truth!

  3. LMFAO indeed when there are several videos from several different places when munitions are exploding.

  4. So? You think they're going to show you all of Ukraine's losses? Funny how the internet is flooded with Russia's loses, while Russia is still winning.

  5. It’s Belarusians not BelaRussians. Also it’s the Luka mob, not the people.

  6. Actually whoever did it are Belarussians, not Belarusians

  7. sorry for not giving a fuck about an asshole that was fighting to support an apartheid state. just look at what the ukrainian gov did to the people of the donbass the last 8 years, everything is super well documented

  8. And what did they do? Who started that war? Who is Girkin? How many civilians died in Donbass since Zelensky came to power?

  9. Wait what? Isn't Belarus on the Russians side? Is this propaganda?

  10. Lukashenko is, the country is against the war. There were huge protests in 2020 after elections

  11. Six Belarusians from Kalinouski regiment did not return from near Lisichansk, including the face of the regiment, Ivan "Brest" Marchuk. The last message was: "A tank is coming at us. Worked on it."

  12. Cпачывай з мірам, герой Беларусі! Героі не паміраюць!

  13. Do you assume there wasn’t any Russophobia before 24.02.2022?

  14. Do you assume there were no wars Russia started before 24.02.2022?

  15. Мертвым россиянам, которые в полях валяются и гниют приветы передавай. А лучше сам записывайся, там через Чечню легко и всех берут.

  16. "мол, вся культура ваша украдена, язык искусственный, мы вас ненавидим и далее в таком духе"

  17. Язык это ещё ничего, один раз в офлайне и несколько раз в онлайне мне говорили, что беларуский это диалект русского и никакой не отдельный язык.

  18. Не считая англо-саксов славяне худшие враги русских. Пример - поляки. За редчайшим исключением в виде сербов.

  19. Может, просто может быть, тем ближе славяне к России, тем больше было войн между народами и тем больше русский солдат нёс чистое, доброе, светлое, как сейчас в Украине. Но вряд ли, русские же только строили дома, школы и больницы.

  20. Помойка это здесь. Наоборот помоев в чистый дом принёс. Надо наверное пойти и извиниться, может кто-то сюда пришёл и таких ватных долбаебов как ты почитал.

  21. Бедненький, иди лучше мамам ваших солдат посочувствуй, которые дохлые валяются по украинским полям и вашим кладбищам.

  22. Да, Боб Марля - точно нацист, я сейчас вдруг это понял, сразу как дунул.

  23. И рядом шеврон Militant straight edge. Как бы Гражданская война не началась

  24. Пиво добьёте, бутылочку не выкидывайте.

  25. да конечно, некторые люди просто любят носить маски клоунов

  26. It's just memes.What does accurate means? That all of Russia is like that? If that - no. And I don't find it disrespectful. Disrespectful are subs like

  27. He promised peace to us so hard that he cannot participate in an offensive war for real.

  28. And giving our territory for the enemy and aggressor is not war for real.

  29. Firstly, Chechnya didn't had a right to split off from USSR as it wasn't a Soviet republic, but a Soviet republic inside Soviet republic. Secondly, Chechnya was destabilizing Caucasus regions because of islamism and band raids. It wasn't imperialistic national idea

  30. Transnistria says hi (not a thing in 90s)

  31. Человек который говорит что буча фейк идёт нахуй, дальше даже не читал

  32. Yes, we don't have any technology that was invented after 65.000.000 BC

  33. We who? You’re from Kazakhstan but speak about Russian we.

  34. Oh, poor FIFA, what else can they do? May be just give Russia a victory so other countries would stop behaving like a child?

  35. I guess they decided to throw aggressors the fuck out instead

  36. Yes, you are missing the elephant in the room. Immigrants are the ones who have to pass a language exam, learn a country's history etc. The Russians in the baltic countries are not immigrants. They've lived there for generations.

  37. Still don't understand how 2/3 of Russians in Latvia have citienship.

  38. Because the vast majority of regular people are usually compliant with their country's laws, no matter how stupid or unjust some law in particular may be. Compliance is why we (as in humanity) normally don't start rioting at encountering an inconvenience.

  39. Thanks, good to know that there is a way to get citizenship.

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