1. Hate to break it to you but GMP have a media team for this stuff…. It’s also much less cringe than saying “dibble”.

  2. Having a “media team” seems excessive when they can’t even respond to 999 calls.

  3. Between Wayne's world 1 and 2 would be clearer. This was 4 years before Austin Powers.

  4. Brighton and Hove is definitely not deprived, one of the richest cities in the UK, but still that just gives them even less excuse for this

  5. I think it's mainly international students, like the ritz compared to Cambridge Halls

  6. Sure. But Lord Byron never kept a bear in here. It’s those thoughts that keep one warm during the bitter East-Anglian winters.

  7. I wasn‘t aware of that and didn‘t see a connection between e.g. a 19th century building and nazism

  8. The thinking goes: everything that was before Nazism led to Nazism, let’s not fall into that trap again.

  9. There has only been one year where we have got through a number of prime ministers. Well, so far anyway.

  10. Why don’t you try it? Would make the book accurate

  11. Oh yeah Boris is very liked here as well and people were surprised by his ousting. But then again he has shown support towards us and Ukraine and we appreciate that British troops are stationed here, whilst no one cares about British domestic politics, which are obviously a mess.

  12. Yes, the very first step in body positivity and acceptance of people at different weights. And this bothers you, because?

  13. It’s pretty explicit. Your reading comprehension skills are wanting.

  14. At no point in the song does he express an opinion for or against the fact that some girls are bigger than others, merely that they are. It’s neither “body positivity” or otherwise.

  15. My daughter is in Year 1 and she regularly tells me that that Martin in her class loves trams, and his favourite stop is Cornbrook.

  16. True, but given that even Tories blame the current-government-Tories (and, within government, one faction of Tories blame another faction of Tories)…

  17. Bet they'll still vote for those Tories they are performing political theatre for.

  18. To be fair, if the headline said ignorant of the details how would readers respond.

  19. Quite. Even “indecisive” is a reach. I like that he gets to know the facts and then actually thinks for a bit before doing something. Marked improvement on his two most recent predecessors. I might not agree with his conclusions, but I feel far safer with Sunak in charge than I ever did with Johnson or - how did it even happen? - Truss.

  20. When have ‘women’ ever been seen as disposable?

  21. So you consider aborted foetuses and embryos to be dead people? Not a view I was expecting you to have.

  22. I’m as big a fan of AA as anyone (at least for the analysis and commentary, if not the proposed solutions), but I do find it a bit weird that The Conservative Woman is introducing Sensible Centrism via the NCF.

  23. He was elected to build a wall, not done and reduce legal immigration like H1B visas, not done. It's very telling that Trump increased his vote with Black men and women, Hispanics and white women yet lost votes with white men, the very demographic that gave him victory the first time (and probably cost him the election).

  24. Well, you and I want different things in the world. I was quite happy with an economically stable, no-war-starting, non-interventionist, more protectionist USA.

  25. Even just putting one of her higher up staff in for the period that she was off for would have made more sense. Though I suppose not putting someone in would remove the argument that their temporary replacement wasn’t voted for

  26. Yeah. I get that it’s slightly a “constitutional issue,” and Labour might try to make hay, but while they’ve got people like Stella Creasy, maybe some sort of cross-bench truce could be achieved without dicks screaming about by-elections every time someone has a kid.

  27. Enormous lack of government action on inflation. We seem to just be waiting it out?

  28. In fairness, Biden calling something the Inflation Reduction Act doesn’t mean that it’ll have the desired outcome (one remembers the War on Terror, which expanded terrorism exponentially until it was quietly shelved).

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