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In the United States they have dedicated Sniper nests to watch the crowd at large scale events, this has also been confirmed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

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  1. I'm willing to bet there are all kinds of other violations inside the building.

  2. well you made no remarks that your post had to do with the distortion of the plate. it’s a low resolution image, so i assumed your zoom distorted the plate and you were just asking about the person’s typo.

  3. I'm with you, low resolution pic. OP should have been more clear....

  4. Looks safe to me, the water is moving to much for eggs or larva.

  5. I don't see how you can say that, they're shrapnel flying in front and behind him I'm sure he was hit by some shrapnel.

  6. How can someone in this position of power be so stupid about basic biology. Where in there fairy tale book say " women controll there pregnancies or men's semen".

  7. Unless you room is down on the level of the engine room, it's most likely just a broken supply line. More like a huge inconvenience.

  8. Like I said unless your room is below the water line this would most likely be fresh water.

  9. What is it made it of? I really like it but it would need to be ceramic or glass.

  10. Why don't you go join the Orc's seeing as you want them to suckseeds.

  11. This person and anyone ( 200-250 people at the wedding) who indulges her fantasy needs to have there head checked.

  12. The USA is becoming a country of " can it be done by pushing a button ", & " I'm too lazy". Smart phones have dumbed down the population massively.

  13. I've been in that boat, drug laws suck. Laws against MJ need to be changed.

  14. No I like being an adult, I only have myself to answer to, I get to indulge in my vices and no set bed time. If you think childhood was better, fine but not me.

  15. Can anyone try to explain why anyone thinks this looks good in anyway?

  16. I would really like to see your plan if you had one, I'm planning on building one as well. I have not really done much wood work sense high school shop but I've recently been given most tools I would need, I think.

  17. Yep, and that bowl had a good amount of keef on it for good measure.

  18. Once in a while yes this is ok, if you have been doing this more then a week, you should get some help.

  19. People like this need to go reenact the civil war using live ammunition. Over and over till they all die.

  20. Smoke up, over been doing this in my own head for a few months now. Don't get stuck in your own head go find something to spend sometime clearing your mind.

  21. Bro a little late on that warning. I was born and raised there 😂

  22. My bad, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. What island? I was on Maui

  23. Kauai! With two lovely mango trees in my yard :)

  24. We didn't have any mango trees in the yard we had Samoan coconut trees. There's a whole new set of obstacles to deal with.

  25. It's very hard to clean up and put a price on something that happened over 50 years ago. I'm not saying it shouldn't be done. There needs to be some understanding of what is feasible, at this point we can not time travel back and stop it. Can more be done without a doubt yes.

  26. Great mines are new, less then 24 hours. They go green after that.

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