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  1. Canada no legal set gestation length I no that it can be as high as 20 weeks electively. Anything below 9 weeks is done at home with mifopristone too be clearly I full support women's choice to abortion.

  2. I'm not sure what you mean by no refund on your taxes. I've gotten a refund every year I've claimed my purchases on my taxes.

  3. Yup it's just a non refundable credit so technically if he was on social assistance it wouldn't help it's like the disability tax credit by the feds if you don't ever work your not entitled.

  4. ah what ifs, ok ! Well given the nature of a what if, we can only agree to disagree cant we.

  5. Don't worry bro he can see the other timelines and knows this is only one out of 14,000,006 that Boris doesn't fuck Ukraine.

  6. They not replacing it cause it cost more then it's face value it's to cull existing copper pennies out of circulation for scrap.

  7. She is non-partisan, so she looks to the government leaders to make the decisions. She cannot “fire” him.

  8. Stick it out op! Being fired is only way forward unless they cave. Goodluck btw look for a better job in few months either way.

  9. We were told to go home and watch TV. In Norway. I was 14.

  10. I recommend ellevia RSO. Be sure to get rid of the air bubble before u start dosing: put pen in hot water for a moment to soften the oil. Invert the pen so bublecan move upward. Click till air is removed. Also, there's, usually a couple doses left so u have to open the pen up to get the last drop or 2. Benefits of using RSO, Is there's noMCT oil which can irritate some ppl. Also itS full spectrum with terpenes and minor cannabinoids...also its "uncut" so u known you're not being ripped off on the titration. Also its highly portable and discreet. If u love the taste of cannabis like I do then great! Mmmm RSO

  11. 100% little disappointed new batch is only 4% terps compared to the 13% with 6% caryophylene alone.

  12. Hoping this shit pushes us over the edge so we can collectively grow a pair and discard these treasonous fucks... legally, for legal reasons

  13. At this rate they'll just say the whole damn constitution has no legal standing... well, everything except for the 2nd and 10th amendments

  14. The US already spends double the defense budget on healthcare just for Medicare and Medicaid. (700B vs 1.4T dollars per year). Universal health care would cost an addition 3 trillion or so according to GAO. So no, military spending is not the reason. It would be a drop in the bucket compared to healthcare costs.

  15. The costs would go down in time especially with extended healthy lives to continue the wage slave way of doing things.

  16. Disagree. Lots of brands haven't started listing terps on packaging yet but still get the info from their COA which they can relay to the stores.

  17. If they show the lot specific coa to read then maybe but I wouldn't take word of mouth.

  18. bruh he probably produces more testosterone than you without a lower half of his body fr

  19. He gave himself mobility I respect the hell out of this dude pure inspiration.

  20. Yes here's my refer a friend up to 200$ bonus bet or casino credits your choice.

  21. The whole pre-carb number is so mind-numbingly redundant. Who on earth needs this information? Why is it listed?

  22. Um thc naturally decarb in small amounts in the plant usually from light source hid or sun.

  23. If it was domain it should be redelivered today you can text the number they send notifications from for 1 hrs away etc they will tell you next steps.

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