1. Still upsets me a provincial party can garner more seats with 7% of the popular than a party that is federal with a fifth of the popular. What a joke.

  2. Because vote efficiency is the key, not the overall national popular vote. If your supporters are spread thin over the whole country, you can have a sizeable popular vote, but not have enough in any particular riding to win even one. Meanwhile a party that is the majority in a few ridings can win more seats despite have a smaller national popular vote. And you can have the opposite problem, like the CPC, where your supporters are highly concentrated in a few ridings, so you under perform compared to the popular vote.

  3. I think they mention this but it's such a problem on local city subreddits... It's why even extremely blue cities like NYC can support very conservative discussion points.

  4. Rich won't stand a chance if a large percentage of people become so desperate that they'll give up their lives in an attempt to change things. A thousand desperate poor soldiers will overrun your small private security force quickly. If rich people want to be rich in peace they have to keep people satisfied enough to not be that desperate. If there are huge job losses, then you'll see a lot of politicians across the spectrum supporting more social services and safety nets

  5. I think you underestimate how much the rich will spend to remain Neo-feudal lords. And in a scarcity environment, when enough people aren't able to get by and a class rebellion looks likely, they will be able recruit poor people to fight for them with as little as regular 3 square meals a day and a warm and dry place to sleep.


  7. What do you mean by “capital”? Is this short for capitalism? A little bit of a tangent, but Ive never seen capitalism referred to as capital on reddit news until the last two days.

  8. Capital is a broad term that can describe anything that confers value or benefit to its owners, such as a factory and its machinery, intellectual property like patents, or the financial assets of a business or an individual.

  9. The trick is doing what Myanmar does and make them their own caste. Then the general public is not their people anymore.

  10. Seems like American police are already doing that. They already see themselves as apart from the general public.

  11. “Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect."

  12. This answers the question: What if the Nightlords realized people are afraid of clowns?

  13. I don't think it's a race thing and just no one cares.

  14. I think it's fair to say people love movies that mythologize/lionize their ancestors (or people they identify with).

  15. While I agree with the premise of the article, that the digital workplace is crap and drains people out, I disagree with the approach suggested:

  16. That's a good point - while freeloaders exist, they are definitely a minority. In my experience, anyways. There's something visceral, some primal urge for things to "be fair" that gets mine (and probably other's) brains all weirded up by people who take advantage. Some logic centers seem to short circuit when things become patently unfair.

  17. Edit: seems I misunderstood what this law was actually about. and was more based on accommodations at work rather than what is and isn't allowed to get time off of work, so my post missed the point.

  18. I always saw mass protest as an allowable vent to the pressure cooker that is grievance. Entrenched power will always do their best to maintain the status quo, and thus will do the bare minimum to give the perception that you are being heard, while changing nothing on a fundamental level in the end.

  19. Ive always found it very weird that the left is so pro-gun control, when it should be the opposite. Arm the women, arm the gays, arm every minority.

  20. Liberals are pro-gun control. The Left understands that fascists will come for them, so they best be armed.

  21. Yes that is ultimately the solution, but ( and that’s the qualifier) you have to have a political party that has the will and the backing of the public to do that. Presently in Canada, that does not exist....


  23. There’s the 40k version, too. “Mon-keigh” refers to any invasive, inferior species whom the Eldar view as worthy of extinction. It’s the name of a species they wiped out before humans existed.

  24. There are plenty of other places to get food.

  25. Wow. People really will defend anything the rich do.

  26. See in a sane world that would be it. We'd look at those guys and decide that not only should they not be mayor or councilors, they should be ostracized from the town or something. They just full on told the community they "lead" that they want a sizeable number of them to freeze to death. Like, hello? Forgetting the morality of that for one second and think purely from the view of self-interest; do I want a guy who's totally cool with freezing one of his constituents to death if I'm also one of his constituents????

  27. Yeah that's true, but it's objectively pretty insane. People are people and moreover, anyone can end up homeless; it's a matter of bad circumstances. But to your point, pretending otherwise is just another false-consciousness, one that far too many people fall for (clearly).

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