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  1. What kinda monster shit caused the toilet seat to break like that? Kudos to them.

  2. Interesting way to describe romancing the bachelors/bachelorettes...

  3. I feel so stupid. The first thing I thought when I saw this without looking at the title or subreddit was that someone deadass posted their used pad on reddit.

  4. Incubate my dino egg and save my prismatic shard. Had no idea the prismatic shard gave you an OP weapon and that you could make lil dino friends.

  5. hatching the dinosaur egg for SURE, that was my first thought! Does the wallpaper trick for the galaxy sword no longer work? that's what i used for my first play-through, haha.

  6. Tbh I didn't even know there was a trick to get the galaxy sword, but it doesn't surprise me that someone managed to find an exploit like that haha.

  7. ... that's absolutely ridiculous. Like yeesh. For a lawyer (at least most) that's basically nothing but for someone who just got out of law school that's a lot of money. Basically you finish law school. Then you have to pay all that to take the exam then you still may not pass!!

  8. Also, depending on what state you're in and what score you received, you may have to retake the bar if you move.

  9. yeah i'd like to know what magical corner of the state he's from cuz i am a mosquito magnet and i have never known peace

  10. Just two weeks ago I had eight bug bites all around my poor toes and ankles, so as a fellow mosquito magnet I would also like to know where the hell he lives in California.

  11. Prairie King and fighting. I'm just awful at both.

  12. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m kinda glad he got stung. I see so many people doing careless things with wildlife, with little to no respect for them. I hope the dude is ok, and glad he learned something new about jellyfish.

  13. It also makes me sad because I love jellyfish. Sure they're basically just floating nervous systems with stomachs, but that doesn't mean it's okay to basically play with them like they're toys.

  14. 24-hour anything. When I bought my house 7 years ago, there were 3 24-hour stores in my area. Now there are none. The grocery store I used to go to reduced their hours to 6-11 even before COVID, but now they aren’t even open past 10

  15. Which sucks because I work pretty late hours, so 90% of places that are reasonably close enough to go to eat or buy food are closed. Bless the single grocery store open late in my city.

  16. Oh man, JSTOR and ProQuest are my lifesavers in college right now. I consider myself very lucky I was born in an age where I can search virtually any topic and find several peer reviewed sources in seconds.

  17. I really hope he doesn't make another SW film. I really enjoyed Knives Out, and I'll probably watch Glass Onion, but I was so hesitant to watch it initially because of how much I disliked TLJ.

  18. I know the feeling. One of my heroes once got nocturnal and early riser within one mission.

  19. Maybe try it with apples, celery or bananas. PB complements fruits and veggies really well.

  20. I remember a couple of yeas back, on crunchyroll having to watch the same ad a couple of times in a row. No, not separate comercial breaks, 1 break, the same ad, several times.

  21. Ugh, when I was still watching MHA on Crunchy, within like 4 episodes every break had the exact same ad playing for a minute and a half to two minutes on repeat. Pure torture.

  22. Sleepy Hollow. I had to name my farmer Ichabod and my cat Crane ofc

  23. You can also randomly get a blue chicken when buying one from Marnie after unlocking this. I just go to her and buy a chicken and keep backing out of the deal until the prompt reads "select a coop for your BLUE chicken to live in"

  24. Lmao right after I unlocked the cutscene I happened to stop by Marnie's to buy a chicken and through sheer luck got the blue chicken first

  25. My partner and I know each other's password, but it's something that happened organically. We both understood that neither of us were entitled to the other's passwords, but we trust each other enough.

  26. Supernatural lol. I fell off after the darkness arc. Just... couldn't do it anymore, even the nostalgia factor wore off lol.

  27. I stopped a couple episodes into season 5. I'm kinda glad I stopped at this point. The ending is just.... so bad. It shouldn't have gone on for more than 4 or 5 seasons.

  28. Ugh in the movies when he fell and finally came back to himself... his sobs and crying for forgiveness from Frodo breaks my heart every time. And his final lines???? It hurts.

  29. People, Bounty Hunter is not coming to DD2. We have to accept it lol

  30. I can't tell if you're joking or not but Red Hook released a trailer about a week ago announcing that BH is coming to DD2. He's an event exclusive character, but he's there.

  31. Sorry, I hope I didn't come off as rude! It seemed like a lot of people had a problem with his implementation, and though I'm a bit bummed he is only a temporary character since he's one of my favorites, I do think it's pretty cool.

  32. I'm sure oysters are delicious, but I can't handle squishy or slimy textures. Same reason I can't stomach runny egg whites.

  33. Things can be problematic while still be enjoyable to a degree. And it often depends on just how problematic the thing is, as some people have a higher tolerance, and many will overlook it if the other elements of the book are really strong.

  34. Cycle floor 15 of the mines repeatedly for the slimes, just keep going up and down the elevator until you find it every day. It took me 2-3 days to complete that one As for the ectoplasm the same thing, keep cycling floor 61 of the mines until you have it. Boost your luck with food/drink buffs. Good luck❤️

  35. Oh thank you for this! I've been having trouble with those quests too

  36. I'm guessing a whole ton of transphobia and hate?... (looks), yep.

  37. Yep. Literally the first one I saw was a boring ole attack helicopter joke. They just don’t have any new material lmao

  38. Horseradish is amazing and belongs on more than just roast beef

  39. Oh man, horseradish sauce with a medium rare steak is so good!

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