1. Is this really the only seller friendly tie dye reddit group?

  2. HFStival. A long lost DC tradition

  3. She and Bruce Dern were so good in that show. And Harry Dean Stanton!

  4. Frank and Lois is possibly my favorite fictional couple ever

  5. I look at imfdb sometimes, a site that showcases all the fire arms on shows, movies and games. This one came up and the article was WTFing at the Jackie Jr murder gun.

  6. We lead the world in computerized data collection

  7. Did holding in smoke just not become a thing in the past ten years or is there a reason people dab and just blow it out immediately?

  8. No, just genuinely curious. Holding in a bong rip was the name of the game when I was younger.

  9. Peanut butter in ramen is a game changer actually

  10. Is this his festival set or a normal one? Anybody seen him in a smaller indoor venue?

  11. Nice, that’s up next. I may celebrate July 7 as the day I discovered him next year.

  12. Can I mail you a raspberry tea from the states easily?

  13. I have a 2012 MacBook Air and did the same thing. It’s an internet and hard drive machine now, but it still does that flawlessly.

  14. Could be a smoke screen potentially, but I doubt it.

  15. Yeah, GMBM does like lying to the media about moves he’s making

  16. I’m still tranced out on Montgomery’s card—the classy coloring, the thickness, the lettering, the print—and I suddenly raise a fist as if to strike out at Craig and scream, my voice booming, “No one wants the fucking red snapper pizza! A pizza should be yeasty and slightly bready and have a cheesy crust! The crusts here are too fucking thin because the shithead chef who cooks here overbakes everything! The pizza is dried out and brittle!”

  17. The band segues into a rousing version of “Life in the Fast Lane” and I start looking around for hardbodies.

  18. Pork belly is not something I have smoked before. On the list though.

  19. Inversion is happening, not as intense as when I did two pork butts though

  20. I think my four year old loves concerts more than I do.

  21. Have done business with this artist before, great dude to work with

  22. Just checked out your shop, love your stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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