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  1. It looks like something that was made around 1900 or 1920 from England as a curved glass display cabinet. Not terribly uncommon but a nice example. My problem with it is that it looks like it’s either been refinished or it’s a reproduction.

  2. Thanks so much for the info! I was google searching things that described this and there are a lot of similar looking items. If it's refinished whoever did it technically did a good job with coverage and carefully removing hinges and such, but I'm curious to look at other examples and see what their finish looks like now! What are some clues/hints that something is a reproduction?

  3. If you're asking a question about an antique make sure to have photos of all sides of the object, and close-ups of any maker's marks. Also, add in any background information you have, and add in a question so we know what you want from us! You must tell us the country you're in. If you do not provide this information your post will be removed.

  4. My reddit app is potato and it took me like 7 tries to get this to post please don't delete it bless ye

  5. It will be okay! It's your therapists job to help you figure out how to talk about your feelings and fears and guide you. I just encourage you to not hold back and not say something because you're afraid of how it will sound. It's literally this person's job to listen to you verbally vomit whatever you want and then literally never tell anyone else about what you said. It is the safest space to be weird and awkward!

  6. My now 9 year old stepkid has some real impulsivity issues and has jumped into pools multiple times despite not knowing how to swim. It doesn't matter if we specifically talked about waiting to have floaties on, she would just get SO excited about going swimming and jump in before we could even blink.

  7. 1 rule of guns is treat ALL guns as if they are loaded. Meanwhile the guns are all pointed at them. This bothers me.

  8. I replied to this thread by asking where they had got my information from, and they ghosted.

  9. One recruiter actually answered my question of where they found my phone number and it was through LinkedIn. The number of calls and texts I get went way down when I removed it from my profile.

  10. Thanks for all these great ideas. So simple , but I guess just not so obvious when you’re used to working on /r/ for so long lol.

  11. We all start somewhere! If it's any consolation I absolutely sucked at treating /r/. I took so much continuing Ed and it just is not a talent of mine.

  12. Do you have any low tech or high tech forms of AAC available to you? Try bringing out something, low pressure, play situation and modeling on it while you play.

  13. Sorry for the delayed response. I'm a AAC consultant, new to it - Forbes AAC has a windows based tablet that could have a keyboard attached, and it houses a ton of programs. You could go look at the Winslate on their site and see what programs come on that.

  14. Don't be afraid to spend your first few sessions just playing and building rapport - use meaningful, motivating play activities. If you can connect with the kid's OT, they are great for helping you with sensory strategies and helping identify when your kid might need a break or some input. Movement activities work great with kids who can't sit still at a table. Music is magical for some of these kids, too. If you aren't familiar with AAC, it is soooooo helpful for this population in particular and it is very worth learning about!

  15. Yeah a decent amount. I figured out with my manual skutt that a fire costs me between $8-$10 each, but it's totally worth it if I can sell off pieces I made.

  16. I have an L&L kiln like your smaller one. Elements are made to order so you kinda just need to know the length… kinda L&L was fairly helpful on the phone the other day.

  17. Good to know! I've confirmed the small one is a custom, waiting to hear back on the large one. Smaller one was designed for soldering, bigger one we don't know yet. We are waiting on someone to come back into the office next week for more info!

  18. Not that unique. I have 2 electrics in my basement, and a gas kiln outside.

  19. Build a kiln shed...or better yet, pottery studio and hook up some vents and get throwing.

  20. I have a tiny studio and my little skutt already, but I agree it needs to be out in a shed!!!

  21. Not so much legal advice, but you should understand that it is not unusual for people in end-stage dementia to become

  22. I wrote a paper/research review on feeding tubes when I was in graduate school, in this population specifically. Feeding tubes do not extend life expectancy at this stage in the disease process for dementia, it has been well studied. It is alarming when a loved one stops eating and you naturally want to do something about it, but it doesn't help in this case. It may even contribute to decreased quality of life because dementia patients in this stage don't understand why they have a tube coming out of their body and often try to rip it out- use of tubes and feeding this way also tend to have gastrointestinal effects. They aren't eating because they don't feel hunger cues, and very likely they are not in pain.

  23. Have fun, don't put too much pressure on yourself! People LOVE speckled pottery 🙂

  24. I don't want to bother with getting tested because the label wouldn't really get me access to any accommodations or services because on paper i'm "fine" with income, and the costs in the US for testing are insane.

  25. I just bought one at nooks only to catalogue it. Do you want it?

  26. Omg yes! Even if I can just pick it up and then drop it again to catalogue it

  27. I am finishing out a training week as an AT Specialist. Too early to tell but I can say words cannot express how relieved I am to not be doing therapy anymore!

  28. Since you work with these tests, how do you find an IQ test to not be flat out useless? Personally, I feel like it's badly made, and it only measures a limited section of intelligences. I don't see how that test could be effective or accurate in any way if literally just being nervous can throw it off by a substantial amount

  29. Just being a bad test-taker can throw it off. I can't tell you how many times I've given a test item for a certain skill, saw the kid get it wrong, and then literally the next day show spontaneous understanding and use of the skill.

  30. woaaahhhh reading your explanation for why testing isn't completely useless just reframed my entire relationship to tests. instead of as a "this is you - love it or hate it" system it's a "here's where we can start working with you" system. ugh! that changes everything. you sound awesome btw!

  31. I'm so glad it was helpful! Haha I am glad I sound awesome. I think I approach things this way because I am a therapist and I have seen sooooo many kids who just can't participate in standardized tests well, and they get rated to be as intelligent as a 1 or 2 year old by that test. But when you are just playing with these guys and doing things they enjoy, it is just obviously NOT true.

  32. I cannot go into a Walmart because of the sheer size, the trip taking forever, and the overly bright pulsing LED's overhead, and how LOUD it is. No thanks. I had a cart halfway full of stuff one time and I just had to leave it behind. I now mostly shop at Aldi which is smaller and easier to get in/out quickly

  33. Please get some basic security cameras for your house, a dash cam, and consult a lawyer. Hopefully this is the last of it but it might not be.

  34. I've been staying off my phone more. Made it so my fitbit will vibrate if I get a text or call and I know to go check. I reach out to my local representatives about legislation that might improve a problem if I can. I can't really do anything other than this, so just try to stay calm, hug the dog, and positively distract myself.

  35. It would cost thousands and thousands for someone to buy these things outright, you'd need several sizes of devices, equipment for different access methods, potentially a variety of devices for certain software programs.

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