1. I don't know why I'm surprised with the comments. It's precisely the reason I haven't told the person I'm currently dating I'm ace. I know he'd be understanding but yeah, it's a bit scary to come out. I'm not sex-repulsed so maybe it won't matter as much but damn, so many people under that thread just refuses to comprehend an explanation.

  2. You don't need sexual attraction to have sex, mate, and reproduce ya know, unless you're sex repulsed?

  3. I always thought it was weird those kids already know how to read and write bc usually you learn to do that at 6 when you enter primary school. Sure some kids learn earlier bc someone helps them or they're super curious, but first grade is usually learning to read and write

  4. That is true but I learned reading and writing early because my mother drilled it to me before I even started school (not advanced of course) These kids probably had tutors from 2 years old. Anya learned to read and write coming from a lab.

  5. Learning that Netflix & Chill isn’t just hanging out eating pizza and watching Netflix with your date

  6. Knowing that Netflix and Chill isn't just watching netflix and eating pizza but doing exactly just that with your date hoping a moment would pass between you 2 so you can start doing what the activity is supposed to be. But then your ace self just doesn't know how to induce that signal having no understanding of sexual attraction whatsoever, and your actual nice dude of a date who is waiting for you to be very comfortable with the idea before even broaching the topic.

  7. You get 24 hours to try it out. You get on the train, it's full of members of a sports team of your 24/hr gender of obsession.

  8. I'd like to at least even be demi. I'm dating rn and I really like this person and he's so gentle and nice so he's always just waiting on me to give him a go-signal that I'm ready to be more intimate. We also connect so well and I'm so comfortable around him too. Probably be easy if I was sexually attracted. I dunno how it works. I know I'm okay having sex with him tho.

  9. Hmm, me not wanting sex or kids has nothing to do with my asexuality. T o be clear, i'm sex favorable. Thing is, I don't want kids so that limits my sexual activity because I don't wanna get pregnant. Sure there are contraceptives but that's a hassle.

  10. I've never really had that. I've had erotic dreams but it was never about any specific person. It's always someone I don't know.

  11. Lol no. I've shared a bed with a dude I'm dating and we were a bit drunk but we literally just watched anime.

  12. You sound like Nightfall or an only child

  13. Hey. Why the attack on only children? Lol. I'm an only child and I absolutely dote on Anya and Becky's friendship.

  14. Saw a random video on youtube of an asexual explaining what it's like and thought that awfully sounds like me. Did some reasearch after that and started asking my close friends about their experiences on sexual attraction and turns out I can't relate.

  15. I feel sorry for anyone who needs to be horny to be motivated to do anything...

  16. Agreed but the last part is also kind of funny because yeah I hope we can harvest people's horniness instead and turn it into fuel and solve the fuel crisis. 🤣

  17. right? I will never crave ice cream or choose to buy it while grocery shopping, but if someone offers a very specific flavour, I'll be like, ah what the hell, why not. Get 'er over 'ere!

  18. This is how I feel about both sex and ice cream. HAHAHAHA

  19. I have to admit despite being ace I am not aro. I have approached people trying to be friends purely because I found them attractive… these mainly just end in regular friendships though, I’m surprised it doesn’t for more.

  20. As an ace woman, I want to believe that my male friends are genuinely friends with me. So far tho, none of them has tried to hit on me or even took advantage of our friendship to get in my pants and I'm so thankful for that. And I've been friends with these people for half my life. So yeah. MEN AND WOMEN CAN BE FRIENDS. I can vouch for that.

  21. Yeah. And when you finally sort of conform after being able to find a partner who gets your aceness, the "friends" you came out to start to call you a liar for claiming to be ace in the first place and say "see, i told you. You just haven't found the one."

  22. I've known of the word but didn't understand it. So I dunno.

  23. I personally don't feel the need to come out. But there were times when I'm being pushed into the getting married/having children conversation that I feel like maybe telling might help them back off. So yeah, I guessto each their own.

  24. I use to get a lot and pretty intense ones. And once my friend was talking about one of the actors I liked and was like “he’s cute but I wouldn’t want to fuck him” and I was like ?!? People wanna do that with their celebrity crushes???

  25. Same! I've only ever had one tho. I used to have squishes on anime characters however.

  26. Okay people have read your rant, you can now move on and watch other shows.

  27. I never really felt frustrated. Probably cause I make friends easily even as an introvert and I moved a lot so it was natural for me to lose touch with friends from time to time.

  28. Oh same. Foreplay is probably the main reason why I'm fine with sex in the first place. I'm like sex is just the consequence of fooling around and having fun like that so yeah, I just go through with it lol.

  29. I've never felt sexually attracted to any of my partners but as I'm comfortable enough with them, I let them kiss me and I enjoy the kissing as it is.

  30. Wow, I didn't know there was some science like that! I guess my brain is broken then - kissing does absolutely nothing to me. Hugs release more hormones in my brain than kissing. It's just... meh.

  31. I don't think your brain is broken tho. I mean different people are pleased with different things and that's why most people have different interests and hobbies and that goes the same for kissing, I guess.

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