1. hope you can stay there for the rest of the week

  2. I see you did an amazing job regarding the kills count, but did you do any bonus objectives? Based on the score I doubt, therefore I think there is a space for improvement. Nightmare is not about the killing, but about the end score and the leader board.

  3. It’s a game I play just for fun what’s the room for improvement on having fun?

  4. believe me, doing kills and bonus objectives is real fun

  5. I'm using SAD on my blowgun, charm and GW2, so most of the time it's 75% SAD +30% critical hit.

  6. Interesting. I recently started playing with newer players and fell in love with my healing Ronin. He's quite the killer too. Super fun. Nothing like having 2 healing bears out wreckin havoc so the team can faceroll points. Fully viable in NMS as well.

  7. you can still use the breath of Izumi with heeling. no need to drop the heeling pot every round.

  8. When running my healer I cast BOI whenever I see anyone is low on health or even just to top everyone's health off. I feel my job is to keep the team in good standing the whole match with all objectives done and no zones lost.

  9. I got you, but with a good team this is not really necessary. I guess that's why I prefer to play assassin. I can heel myself and anyone close by easily.

  10. the Bible fanbase is pretty annoying

  11. Bro fire ronin is based around flaming roar .. Its not a bit more damage, its an insane amount... Run into a mob > drop flaming roar > wait a sec or two then spirit kunai.. Then u have ur class ability back. Rinise n repeat.. Fire ronin is nothing without flaming roar, black powders & caltrops, are just a bonus.

  12. this is what I just did based on the feedback from yesterday. Decided to keep the flaming roar and use the Izumi breath with heeling perk. it does an excellent job.

  13. Warto się najpierw zastanowić jaką reputację często mają Holendrzy jeśli chodzi o traktowanie innych nacji

  14. przeczytaj moje komentarze pod postem. Wg mnie kilka rzeczy, które tam podają mija się z prawdą.

  15. przeprowadzam się tam w przyszłym tygodniu, rekruter pytał czy jestem „polish vodka boy”.

  16. For the love of fuck I'm on my 20th retry with ascension every time.

  17. well, it took me a bit of time to tweak my Ronin and some training (without matchmaking) to be good enough to finish this week's trial. Indeed it requires a bit of practice, especially when playing with randoms.

  18. Postanowiłem skomentować tutaj kilka rzeczy, ponieważ potencjalnie tutaj może przeczytać to kilka osób, a mam kilka uwag co do treści.

  19. Hey man I can join public matches no problem, but when a friend on my PSN tried to invite me, it said that

  20. go to discord. there is a special section for different challenges

  21. Even though someone shared the link. welcome to add me for some runs. Would love to help you out. (Psn: elaveinmortal )

  22. Had the privilege of playing with Spectr in the past. Solid Ghost 💪🏼

  23. 2 players left chp1, so other ghost invited Spectra for the ascension. good game

  24. Ofc. But none of those work. Why they don't work, is completely unknown. It is beyond me.

  25. exactly. just run with Sam and a fire blade, but got zero fire kills. tried as a hunter before, but also couldn't get any.

  26. you're pretty lucky. I got mine with rank 80 or maybe more.

  27. I was convinced that you're talkong about the game with me [PSN: Carbo_Sarano] . Exactly what happened...

  28. Hej, chyba jestem fanem bo 2 tyg temu znalazłem fototapetę z Cinque Terre. Piękne prace...

  29. o dzięki, niezly przypadek, ak Photowall sprzedaje moje rzeczy, chyba ze kto inny to wtedy na lewo

  30. Can we have these posts pinned each week?

  31. Lol I noticed that some people also don't realize that fire spirits can't get you if you're standing in a defense zone in survival. So many people constantly running for their lives between rounds and dying from them in this week nightmare lol

  32. Just wanted to write a separate post about this. Players are everywhere and chasing everything like they did with ki 5, instead of wait in safe... 🤷

  33. The easiest survival for this challenge is the shores of vengeance. Go to the right, jump on the tent. You have one guy to kill on the right. Hide, climb again, kill the one next to the fire pit. Proceed with the rest. You can kill at least 2 one the way to the beach.

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